Consciousness Video Series: Episode One: Dreamscapes2

The original link to the video on this topic was showing an error message, and I repaired the link this morning. I’ve posted the link again here, and on the previous post, so, if you click on the link now it should allow you to view the video.!ArAAApOJ8XvepFLM_O1ZDv08KI_D

Thanks for your patience!

2 thoughts on “Consciousness Video Series: Episode One: Dreamscapes2

  1. Bach’s Prelude in C Major from The Well Tempered Clavier! I love that music and have been learning to play it on the piano over the last few days.

    I very much enjoyed your video John. Loved the scenes, music and commentary. Wonderful poetic cadence.

    The dreamscape is very much like something I sometimes go through in waking life, particularly recently when the boundaries between one reality and another seem to have become blurred.

    Perhaps the answer is simply “it is”. What it is, I am not sure we will ever be able to answer really. I like your point on conventional religion – the dogma is stifling and yet the music, art and architecture so sublime. I have recently taken much from Proverbs – reading it quietly yesterday took me to some very odd and pleasant places. I seemed to feel a presence of some sort, if that does not sound too fanciful.

    In any event I am much enjoying your sequence of videos. As I said before, sometimes the spoken word accompanied by moving images seem a very powerful way to express one’s thoughts.

    And your thoughts are certainly ones many of us will recognize in ourselves.

    1. I selected Bach for this introductory video precisely because the selections feel dreamlike and seemed to suit the topic well in this instance. The scenes were challenging to coordinate with the music and the commentary, but the synchronizing seemed to work reasonably well. I am no Steven Spielberg obviously, but I worked hard to combine the elements sufficiently to get the point across. I appreciate your gentle analysis.

      Daydreaming will eventually make an appearance in the series and its importance to a conversation about our experience of consciousness is clear. Your observation that it occurs on the “boundaries between one reality and another,” is right on the mark.

      While I appreciate the sentiment that says we might be better off simply accepting that “it is,” and agree that it is uncertain if we will ever be able to definitively answer the question I posed in this series, your description of how you were brought to other “places” while reading Proverbs, and felt a “presence of some sort,” makes the pursuit of the question even more compelling. My favorite verse from Proverbs is Chapter 20, verse 29:

      “The glory of young men is their strength, and the dignity of old men is grey hair.”

      As a young man, it required great strength to endure the trials and challenges of my youth, and now that my hair is grey, (as everyone now knows,) I would like to think that I might be able to add something to the wisdom of the world, in some small way at least. Whether or not expressing these ideas succeeds in that way, it feels right to attempt it anyway.

      Hopefully, those who follow along here will recognize something within my expressions that resonates within themselves as well.

      Kind regards…John H.

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