First Blog Entry

First Blog Entry – Live Spaces
Thoughts of my very humble beginnings in the world of computers now give me a bit of a giggle when I realize how far we’ve come in just the past thirty years.  The first time I ever laid eyes on a real computer was in 1973, as a young soldier in training in Massachusetts.  The U.S. Army had a monstrous thing as big as a room which they were using for training purposes and all the lights and wires were pretty impressive to someone who had hardly been out of his backyard.
When I arrived at my job in West Germany in 1975, the equipment was even more impressive, especially as it sat side-by-side with the gradually outmoded teletype-style stuff still being used.
Once I became a civilian again, and started raising my family, I bought my first personal computer–a Commodore 64.  Once I began using it, there was no turning back.  I was hooked. I belonged to several local "bulletin boards" and exchanged files over a phone line with friends.  It was only just the beginning.
When the WebTV phenomenon hit the market, I took a chance and was amazed at what was possible on the world of the internet. I could finally send "electronic mail" and visit far away places right there on the TV. 
As the years passed, and the technology accelerated, (and the prices came down enough) I eventually was able to acquire my first HP personal computer, an early Pavilion model, and before long, I had become a bit of a geek, although not as knowledgeable as many of the other geeks I knew.  That took more time.
After several years, I began to accumulate computers, and started taking the older ones apart to see what made them tick.  I talked with other geeks and did online research, and started to buy components and install them myself.  When Windows XP appeared, I bought an upgrade disk, and learned more about computers than I ever imagined I would.
Before long, people who knew me were asking ME about computers, and I established my online presence at several websites, including, and my own webpage on
Recently, I signed up for the Microsoft Live Beta program and was impressed with what I could do for free.  This whole program being sponsored by Microsoft is capitalizing on everything that is worthwhile on the internet, and expanding the global internet community in innovative ways.
If I can manage to spend enough time here, it may just be one of the most interesting of any of the different attempts at sites that I’ve constructed.  We’ll see.     JJH – (8-25-06)