Preparing to Meet with Darkness

Last glimpse of the setting sun by gracious ( Copyright: Ho Tony (gracious) Preparing to meet with darkness, as the light of day slowly recedes into the gentle evening, I am almost imperceptibly sliding into melancholy, mixed with a mild sense of relief to be without obligation of any sort for the moment. Regardless of … Continue reading Preparing to Meet with Darkness

Coffee and Conventional Wisdom

Rising early this morning, feeling a twinge of sadness for some reason, I decided to attempt to penetrate the haze in my mind and attend to something productive anyway. I shuffled off to the kitchen, barely able to see, and started the morning routine of filling the coffee pot. It struck me as I did … Continue reading Coffee and Conventional Wisdom

Secrets of the Heart

Secret Love © Katie Slaby This is a 9x12 acrylic done on acrylic specialty paper Kahlil Gibran, the Lebanese poet, artist, and writer, (1883 -1931) captured in his writing, as so few have done so eloquently, many of the universal truths of our nature as both human and spiritual beings. His grasp of the … Continue reading Secrets of the Heart

You are Truly Here…

The Astronomer by Johannes Vermeer (c. 1668) Astronomy has always fascinated me. Ever since I was a young boy, I was intrigued by the planets and the stars, and wanted to know everything there was to know about what I could only barely see when I looked up at the night sky. Constellations were magical … Continue reading You are Truly Here…

Allow Yourself to Feel

Image courtesy bike through Creative Commons License. Just yesterday morning, as I floated between wakefulness and sleep, drifting blissfully in between, I found myself writing in my sleep. It was a particularly vivid dream as I watched myself slowly transcribing my thoughts on the paper, felt a gentle, warm breeze flowing across the air … Continue reading Allow Yourself to Feel

The Brightest Star in My Nights

The Brightest Star in My Nights   Whenever I fly to you, Across the infinite realms Of imagination, I release My fears and doubts, And with them my attachment To the tangible world.   As my soul drifts away From the endless darkness That enfolds me In your absence, I travel to another world Where … Continue reading The Brightest Star in My Nights

Perception and Transcendence

Layered Perceptions: Mixed Media Digital Manipulation output on vellum and watercolor papers, pastel embellished, layered onto copper and wood. copyright 2008-2012. Adele Kurtz. All rights reserved Reviewing my personal journals recently, I once again encountered the writings of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and author, whose arrival in my literary life sparked a renewal … Continue reading Perception and Transcendence

The World Below the Surface

Posted by Carpefeline in Palau tales - Throughout the history of humanity, within every culture, and among all levels of society within those cultures, some variation of acknowledgement of a transcendent aspect to existence has appeared in the writings, art, mythologies, and narratives, relevant to the particular culture. In the modern world, we take … Continue reading The World Below the Surface