Equations of Eternity

From the book jacket: "David Darling holds a degree in Physics From Sheffield University and a Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Manchester, in England." In a fascinating and unique treatment of the subject, David Darling prompts the reader to consider the interdependence of both sides of the brain hemispheres. Identifying the left brain … Continue reading Equations of Eternity

Ancient Worlds and Modern Consciousness

Egyptian Heads Mummies of the World Exhibition On loan from the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums, Mannheim, Germany Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA Imagine for a moment that you are in Egypt in the latter part of the 26th Dynasty in the Late Period of Egyptian history witnessing the burial rituals of Nespaqashuti, an Egyptian priest in the religious … Continue reading Ancient Worlds and Modern Consciousness

The Placebo Effect

Mario Beauregard's book makes special notice of the placebo effect in chapter six entitled, "Toward a Non-materialist Science of Mind." In that chapter, he details the research being conducted using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and describes what it is and why it is being employed in this kind of research: "A magnetic resonance imaging … Continue reading The Placebo Effect

A Spiritual Neuroscience – Mario Beauregard

Another interesting viewpoint that suggests our understanding of the nature of consciousness would benefit from being more inclusive appears in the book, "The Spiritual Brain," which takes on the purely materialistic view that the brain alone produces the mind and accounts for consciousness. In a methodically reasoned and admirably balanced manner, the book addresses how, … Continue reading A Spiritual Neuroscience – Mario Beauregard

Is Matter a Manifestation of the Spirit?

A current exhibition at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, “Mummies of the World,” contains over 40 mummies and a number of artifacts related to these discoveries. In the official exhibition catalog, it states that the goal of the exhibit “is to advance the relevance of anthropology in ancient global cultures, and to provide visitors with … Continue reading Is Matter a Manifestation of the Spirit?

Complexity in Nature – Brain Connections

Tamily Weissman, Jeff Lichtman, and Joshua Sanes (2005) A recent article on the Scientific American website detailed the extraordinary work being undertaken by scientists studying the complex array of connections and neural pathways in the brain. The following link will take you to a brief video explaining the current efforts being made to track these … Continue reading Complexity in Nature – Brain Connections

Jim Morrison – Looking into the mirror he held up to us.

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images Whatever else may be true about the life and times of Jim Morrison, formerly of the rock group known as "The Doors," while he may have broken through and trampled on just about every boundary that was ever proposed in civil society, there can be no doubt that what … Continue reading Jim Morrison – Looking into the mirror he held up to us.