Currents of the Spirit

The yogis call this one unified essence Shiva. The force of creation within this absolute is the Divine Feminine I am beginning to weave together some of the many lines of thinking that have been creating forward movement in my life. Comprehension along the way requires deliberate effort, and while we may understand how … Continue reading Currents of the Spirit

Our Secret Wish For Life

Well established artist, Kathy Ostman-Magnusen lives in Hawaii where she expresses her life passion through painting and sculpture. Our Secret Wish For Life by JJHIII There is a beauty rising in my dreams. Her face is pure joy; her heart is still mending. She gives all she is without restraint. The child within me … Continue reading Our Secret Wish For Life

Darkness and Light

Life recently has brought me to contemplate the aspects of life in its moments of what we often describe as "darkness," which we all experience in one way or another if we attend faithfully to the opening of the world within us. All my life, I have been periodically experiencing this darkness, this opposing aspect … Continue reading Darkness and Light