Two Worlds Merge

"The spiritual life justifies itself to those who live it; but what can we say to those who do not understand? This, at least, we can say, that it is a life whose experiences are proved real to their possessor, because they remain with him when brought closest into contact with the objective realities of … Continue reading Two Worlds Merge

Friendship, Love, and Truth

"Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies." -- Aristotle Our everyday lives, often full of the mundane, and punctuated by moments of joy and sorrow, can sometimes lead us to become somewhat indifferent to the relentless changes that occur as a matter of course, weakening our awareness of things extraordinary. Thankfully, throughout these … Continue reading Friendship, Love, and Truth

An Angel In Bloom

An Angel in Bloom by JJHIII24 Fragments fallen from impatient daydreams, Like the motion of two blissful dancers; Longings once taken from hearts long ago, Awaken as eternity answers. Eyes once astonished and endlessly searching, Now settle like gentle spring rain; Patience endures in reluctant darkness, To shield us from each other’s pain. Intimate spirits … Continue reading An Angel In Bloom

California Impressions Part II As a young soldier in 1974, on the journey of a lifetime in California, one might suppose it would be unlikely for me to know how important the events of those days would be, and even less chance that I would appreciate them fully at that point in my life, and prior to the … Continue reading California Impressions Part II

The Heart of Life

Moving to California was almost like landing on a completely different planet for a young man from the East Coast. In all my prior travels up to that time, I hadn't been further north than Boston, MA and only as far south as Washington, DC. Just about every trip that had taken me anywhere beyond … Continue reading The Heart of Life

A Look Into the Soul of a Poet

A recent conversation inspired me to return to a small book of poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning called, "Sonnets from the Portuguese," which contains her best known and "most anthologized" sonnet number 43, in which she enumerated the ways she loved Robert Browning.  Each of the sonnets in this collection have their unique appeal, and … Continue reading A Look Into the Soul of a Poet