50,000 Blog Visits


It is with some humility, surprise, and measured delight that I acknowledge the accumulation of over 50,000 blog views here on John’s Consciousness. While I generally find it surprising that any greater-than-normal number of visitors stop by to read here in a day or within a particular week or month as the statistics report, this exceptional volume exceeds anything I myself would have predicted, and even though it has taken about three and a half years of serious effort and attention to my writing in order to gather this many views, I must report a degree of astonishment that it happened at all.

john in paris2

There are many other blogs here at WordPress.com with far more followers and views than mine, and I appreciate well, by that measure, how small this number must seem to those writers and readers who float far above this level, but for me, it feels almost surreal to see this number now when I view the statistics page. It is probably much more of a statement about the interest in the subject of my blog as opposed to any other consideration, but it still feels like I might just be finally making sufficient progress in my work to warrant a degree of interest in the world at large. Most of the views, naturally, have come from the United States, but notable volumes of views have also arrived from India, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, the Phillipines, and the UK. Recently, hundreds of visits have begun to appear from Brazil, the Netherlands, Russia, Indonesia. Thailand, and Spain. The interest in the subject is clearly one that is shared by many cultures across the globe. I occasionally receive comments and emails which have to be translated, but have been surprised to see that many international visitors are able to ask their questions and make comments in English.


To say that this endeavor has been rewarding and fulfilling is to understate it in the extreme. I have enjoyed every aspect of the writing and research over the years, and the challenge continues to be creating and contributing content that is beneficial to my goals as a writer, as well as of interest to the readers from all over the world. It is also humbling when I consider the number of responses and the character of the dialog that continues to intrigue me and compel me to continue. It is my hope to further contribute to the discussion world-wide on the subject of human consciousness in the weeks and months to come, and to expand on this humble beginning to encourage a greater understanding and appreciation for the significance of our indisputable connection to each other, and to the universe in which we exist, through a dedicated pursuit of coming to terms with the nature of humanity, of consciousness itself, and the human spirit.


I would like very much to express my gratitude and great respect for all those who contributed to this milestone, and to express my hope that those who visit here will, at the very least, be to some degree enriched and encouraged to pursue their own ideas, and to share them with me in the weeks and months to come. It is not lost on me that a fair number of the visits here have clearly come from a degree of regular attention by a smaller numerical number of visitors, and while it still represents a fair amount of attention from my perspective, I understand that all my writing and research represents only a beginning for myself and others in making forward progress toward gaining a deeper understanding of the nature of consciousness, and I continue to feel fortunate to have the opportunity to not only share my thoughts and ideas on the subject, but to share that opportunity with so many other amazing and interesting people who visit.


In the coming months, I will be outlining the results of my research and writing in the articulation of a theory of mine, based on almost thirty years of dedicated attention to the subject of consciousness, and I hope you will all ride along with me, and encourage others to join in the discussion as time progresses.

With great appreciation and hope in the future……John H.

The Golden Days of Youth

golden days

When I close my eyes after looking at the photo above, I can still smell the late summer air as we played together on the open fields at Valley Forge National Park. I can still feel the sun on my face. I can hear again the squeals of delight from my “little sisters,” as they ran away with the ball, as well as their protests when we would keep the ball in the air, too high for their shorter arms to reach. I remember the feeling of unmitigated joy that nearly always accompanied any outing of this sort with my brothers and sisters. I remember also the feeling that those summer days would always be there for us. I never once considered the possibility that one day, we may NOT have a chance for all of us to be together. Those were the golden days of my youth.

Mike John visit

On this day, two years ago now, we were holding vigil with our dear brother, after having spent the last of HIS golden days by his side. In many ways, those last weeks together were a lot like that summer day so many years ago at Valley Forge. We played music together with everyone present performing some sort of musical number.


We giggled and carried on during a formal portrait session at Sears Photo Studio. We laughed uproariously later on back at the house, as we reviewed the many images that didn’t turn out as nice as this one:

short backgnd2

We sang to him, we talked with him about our happiest memories, we laughed, we listened to his stories and terrible jokes, and we shared the same unmitigated joy that we always shared, as much as we could.

We still miss him so, and cannot retrieve those youthful feelings in exactly the same way as we did then, but we know now that there are more golden days to come, when we will embrace each other at family events, or hold our newborn grandchildren in our arms.


I wrote this poem this morning, for all those I love, and for anyone who misses someone THEY love.

Golden Days

We always look behind us, when we think about the past,
We always hope those golden days will be the ones that last.

Our hearts and minds remind us of the happiness and pain,
We think that we may never see, such golden days again.

But surely as we reminisce, we see the world anew,
Those golden days were treasured gifts that helped us as we grew.

One day we all will meet again, our hearts will lead the way,
Let’s treasure now, each morning light, and THIS new golden day.

Thanks to all my readers for your patience while I share this personal moment with you all.

Trial and Suffering

Cypress sky and country2
Recently discovered painting by Van Gogh entitled “Cypress Sky and Country.”

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” — Helen Keller

Reckoning Love’s Labor Lost

You never intended to lose the thread
Of the labor of love that you lost.
You couldn’t have known, after so many years,
How the swells of the sea would be tossed.

Your heart and your mind lost their way many times,
But always the tide would return,
How could you have known how the world, on its own,
Would end up at such a wrong turn?

Throughout every life, as the years slowly pass,
We struggle and fight for our reasons,
We search for the answers to all of our questions,
We turn with each change in our seasons.

But the labor of love stands alone in our memory,
The tides of the heart swirl inside us;
We labor at last with the help of true longing,
We lean on the partner beside us.

The labor endures through the struggles and years,
We cling to the love that we’re losing;
The toll that it takes grips our souls in a vise,
We lose sight of the choice we are choosing.

So it’s true that the labor of love can be lost,
Not all of our loss can we reckon.
What is left we must salvage, and forge ever forward,
Til love once again we can beckon.

© October 2014 by JJHIII