Dreaming Through a Window

"Certain moments from the dream stand out sharply. The moment the vehicle I was traveling in pulled up to the long row of stone steps leading up to the building and I first saw you. We nearly collided as we embraced. We only spoke briefly when you abruptly went back inside the building, as I … Continue reading Dreaming Through a Window

Perception begins early in our development

Life has many strata. Upon conception, we begin the arduous journey to the awakening of consciousness. Gradually, the tissues within the embryo begin to differentiate, and by the end of the third week in the womb, the spinal column and central nervous system begin to form. By the end of six weeks, brain waves are … Continue reading Perception begins early in our development

A Universe Conscious of Itself

Artistic impression of the universe. Image credit: Pingnews In his recent book, "The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist's Quest for What Makes Us Human," V.S. Ramachandran makes a substantial argument and goes to great lengths to express what it is that distinguishes human beings from all others. In reviewing the structure of our brains, he notes … Continue reading A Universe Conscious of Itself

Transcendence and Awareness

Image of the night sky above Paranal on 21 July 2007, taken by ESO astronomer Yuri Beletsky We humans exist as sentient temporal beings in the physical universe, in a galaxy that is one of innumerable others, any number of which, should they have formed with the same optimal developmental and life-sustaining advantages currently enjoyed … Continue reading Transcendence and Awareness