The Middle Path

"Until the sixteenth century, men in general thought of space and time as though they were limited compartments in which objects were juxtaposed and interchangeable. The human mind believed itself to be perfectly at home in this universe, within which it tranquilly wove its pattern of metaphysics. And then one day this attitude began to … Continue reading The Middle Path

Transcendent Awareness

"The transcendental law, Emerson believed, was the 'moral law,' through which man discovers the nature of God, a living spirit...The true nature of life was energetic and fluid; its transcendental unity resulted from the convergence of all forces upon the energetic truth, the heart of the moral law." -- excerpt from The American Tradition in … Continue reading Transcendent Awareness

Friendship and Pain

The sun had barely awakened the new day; its first efforts to bring light back from beyond the night had only just begun, but I had been unable to settle down to sleep since just before dawn the day before. My heart and mind were heavy with an inner turmoil, suffering from an enduring doubt, … Continue reading Friendship and Pain

Deep Forest Vision

In the light of day, I traveled to a remote forest area several miles from the base in Massachusetts. I had driven-by the turnoff several times before while navigating through the surrounding areas, and the entrance always caught my eye. Curiosity got the better of me one day while I was still in what they … Continue reading Deep Forest Vision

The Evanescence of Life: Finding Our Way

Excerpts from "A Lament..." written by Japanese Poet, Yamanoue no Okura (660-733 A.D.)" What we must accept as we journey through the world is that time will pass like the waters of a stream; in countless numbers, in relentless succession, it will besiege us with assaults we must endure... Precious though life is, it is … Continue reading The Evanescence of Life: Finding Our Way