Sunrise to Sunset: A metaphor for life

Recent reading brought my attention back to a book of Celtic wisdom that I read years ago called, "Anam Cara," written by John O'Donahue. In that wonderful collection of words, O'Donahue explains the meaning of the phrase like this: "The anam cara was a person to whom you could reveal the hidden intimacies of your … Continue reading Sunrise to Sunset: A metaphor for life

Existence is Consciousness

The title of this posting is a bit overreaching, I admit, but if you will be patient and have been following along here, I think I can point the conversation in that direction, even if it takes a few additional postings to get through it. My friend and fellow blogger, Marc Schuster, passed along a … Continue reading Existence is Consciousness

The Abundance of Life and Love

Recently in email I received a link to a video that presented a poem by Kate Nowak called, "May You Be Blessed." It's a very nice sentiment expressed in the poem, and her efforts have been re-posted quite often. I couldn't help admiring her idea, but I really felt like it needed a response. Here … Continue reading The Abundance of Life and Love

Why I Felt I Must Do It Again

It was early morning on the last day of summer vacation in the mountains, and I rose early to take in the sunrise on the river. Having spent the last few days constructing a raft, as I had learned to do from one older and wiser, I felt confident that I could navigate the lazy … Continue reading Why I Felt I Must Do It Again