Journey of the Human Spirit "Once we find the transcendent experience and open up to a greater flow of spiritual energy and security within, something profound begins to occur. We begin to see ourselves and our behavior from a higher perspective, from a viewpoint of our more energized higher self. Our sense of identity moves past the insecure reactions … Continue reading Journey of the Human Spirit

Ancient Mountain of Memory

"Memory performs the impossible for man; holds together past and present, gives continuity and dignity to human life." -- Mark Van Doren, Liberal Education, 1943 "In a large sense, learning and memory are central to our very identity. They make us who we are." -- Eric Kandel, In Search of Memory, 2006 "Has it ever … Continue reading Ancient Mountain of Memory

Working To Find A Place To Begin Again

Sitting on that hill in California overlooking Monterey Bay was an extraordinary moment--one for which I was also totally unprepared. Life is like that sometimes. We work to find a place for ourselves, searching occasionally in places where we never thought we would find ourselves, and expending efforts that may go on for months at … Continue reading Working To Find A Place To Begin Again

Consciousness and the World We Create: Part Two

"Every human being, and every human mind, has roots that extend indefinitely far back through time…the consciousness of the individual is inextricably tied to the consciousness of the whole…Everything in nature is actually connected or implicated with everything else…" - David Darling, philosopher, from his book, "Equations of Eternity "David Darling has pressed the matter … Continue reading Consciousness and the World We Create: Part Two