My friend Genie (aka Palestine Rose) writes potent poetry and has the soul of an artist, and with great compassion and humanity, expresses all of her creations with grace and love. To know that such souls exist in the world, reignites my own compassion and hope for our world.

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries…sometimes.

Back in 1976, I was living in what used to be called West Germany, in a quiet little town called Kaiserslautern, in an apartment on a quiet street which had a cherry tree in the backyard, right outside of the kitchen window. When the cherries were in full bloom, I could pick them off the … Continue reading Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries…sometimes.

“Love is a Mode of Knowledge”

"We can only love what we know, and we can never know completely what we do not love. Love is a mode of knowledge..." Aldous Huxley The Secret Bench of Knowledge - A sculpture by Czech-born Canadian sculptor Lea Vivot - image from Vlastula's photo-stream on Flickr The image above caught my eye and my … Continue reading “Love is a Mode of Knowledge”

Inner Worlds Within Worlds

Title: Self Awareness: Size: 21.5” x 30.5”x 1.75": Media: acrylic, oil, collage & assemblage: Surface: canvas over masonite & board with wooden framework: copyright 2009 Lisa L. Cyr, Cyr Studio LLC, "The only right and legitimate way to (a mystical) experience is that it happens to you in reality and it can only happen … Continue reading Inner Worlds Within Worlds

“The Grievers” by Marc Schuster—Life is funny—sometimes.

Life is funny—sometimes—and at other times it can be—unbearable.  There’s really no way to be sure just how it’s all going to turn out, but one thing is for sure—you’re probably not going to get far as a guy in a giant dollar sign suit.  Success in life might even require a healthy dose of … Continue reading “The Grievers” by Marc Schuster—Life is funny—sometimes.

Campfires and Tranquility

The Mountain laurel is a member of the heath family (Ericaceae). This family of plants contains many of our most common and best-known shrubs including huckleberries, blueberries, azaleas, cranberries and rhododendron. - Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Treading a path last month in the hills of Belle Plain State Forest, I encountered this … Continue reading Campfires and Tranquility

From Ancient History to Modern Consciousness

Praetorian guard with sword and lance, wearing a cucullus (hooded cape) - Berlin, Pergamon Museum. Credits: Ann Raia, 2005 Since the first suggestion of the existence of ancient cultures in grammar school history classes, I have cultivated a fascination with what it might have been like to live as a member of ancient societies. As … Continue reading From Ancient History to Modern Consciousness