My friend Genie (aka Palestine Rose) writes potent poetry and has the soul of an artist, and with great compassion and humanity, expresses all of her creations with grace and love. To know that such souls exist in the world, reignites my own compassion and hope for our world.

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  1. Thank you, my friend.
    Katie Melua is a soulful singer and poet. Her music has the power to heal and carry the soul to a place of grace, a grace found from facing the inner fragility which is needed to experience life in a deeper and profound way.

    1. It is a blessing to share friendship with you.

      Your willingness to feature another artist on your blog, and to express your appreciation for her ability to “carry the soul to a place of grace,” is a gift to your readers, and a reflection of your own profound experience of life, which you share in an equally “soulful” way.

      Your intuition that facing our “inner fragility” as a means to opening ourselves to a much deeper and profound experience of life, is reflected in many of your original works, and I think you sometimes underestimate the power of your own expressions, which issue forth from within you on a regular basis.

      Looking forward to sharing more of your expressions in the days to come….John H.

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