A Writer’s Dilemma

MIDWAY upon the journey of our life I found myself within a forest dark, For the straightforward pathway had been lost.   Ah me! How hard a thing it is to say What was this forest savage, rough, and stern, Which in the very thought renews the fear.   So bitter is it, death is … Continue reading A Writer’s Dilemma

Our True Nature

“The Buddha taught that our true nature is emptiness- a lack of a permanent Self- and when this true nature is realized, the divine states of the Brahma-viharas - loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity- emerge.” “In the teachings of the great yoga masters, our true nature is Brahman, the universal soul, of which the … Continue reading Our True Nature

Inner Experience

"Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman " http://www.AwakenVisions.com "The inner self is not part of our being, like a motor in a car. It is our entire substantial reality itself, on its highest and most personal and most existential level. It is like life, and it is life: it is our spiritual life when it is … Continue reading Inner Experience

Reading in a Quiet House

  The simple pleasures are often the ones that fall to the side when life gets complicated or hectic in its pace and most often, out of necessity, we are compelled to engage in the more immediate tasks and responsibilities that such circumstances require of us.  When we all recently had to confront the consequences … Continue reading Reading in a Quiet House

Isolation Contemplation

With much more time being spent at home these days, I’ve had more time than usual for actually sitting at my desk and have been reading and writing a bit more often, and taking the opportunity to consider more carefully the events in the world-at-large, as well as those closer to home. The photo above … Continue reading Isolation Contemplation

Celebrating Life and Love

By coincidence, all day today, I was working at my part-time job, which places me in a position of interacting with a large number of random people, and as I am naturally inclined to be social, as the opportunity presents itself, I try to engage each one in a brief conversation, mostly as a polite … Continue reading Celebrating Life and Love

What I have Come To Understand

"When someone enters your life unexpectedly, look for the gift that person has come to receive from you. I have sent you nothing but angels. Others see their possibility in the reality of you.” --Neale Donald Walsch from his book series, "Conversations With God." Have you ever been momentarily captured by the strains of a … Continue reading What I have Come To Understand

Your Web of Joy

The moment our eyes aligned I instinctively held my breath; Ordinary time collapsed and condensed While I read your face. Our smiles blossomed simultaneously Like silly twins looking in a funhouse mirror; The sweetness of your spontaneous response was met With an avalanche of reciprocal harmony. Days passed with no encounter; Hours dragged and pulled … Continue reading Your Web of Joy

A Spiritual Hunger

"At the turn of the last century, people's hope was in science, technology, and modern progress. As we approached this millennium, we realized the extent of that progress, and that it hasn't taken us far enough. There is a part of us that still has a spiritual hunger. We have spent the past century looking … Continue reading A Spiritual Hunger

All Heaven and Earth Are Still

All Heaven and Earth are still though not in sleep, But breathless, as we grow when feeling most; And silent, as we stand in thoughts too deep:— All Heaven and Earth are still. From the high host Of stars to the lulled lake and mountain-coast, All is concentered in a life intense, Where not a … Continue reading All Heaven and Earth Are Still