Your Web of Joy

The moment our eyes aligned
I instinctively held my breath;
Ordinary time collapsed and condensed
While I read your face.
Our smiles blossomed simultaneously
Like silly twins looking in a funhouse mirror;
The sweetness of your spontaneous response was met
With an avalanche of reciprocal harmony.

Days passed with no encounter;
Hours dragged and pulled as usual.
Wistful recollection had begun to fade
When you suddenly reappeared;
Like an earthbound angel with hidden wings,
You were unable to prevent the natural beauty
Of your robust lifeforce from pouring out,
Filling the crucible of my heart and soul.

Portrait of a Woman by Abbey Altson

Effortlessly, with the radiant, glowing gift of your glance,
You disabled all resistance, lifting my spirit
Beyond my own tentative grasp;
Momentarily undone, I fumble with my words–
Stunned at the recognition of a kindred soul.
Calm descends swiftly on the realization,
That I have somehow been captured completely,
Blissfully, in your web of joy.

© January 2020 by JJHIII24

2 thoughts on “Your Web of Joy

    1. You’re right, Nancy. It is a beautiful thing to encounter a kindred spirit out in the world, and I feel blessed in many ways to have encountered a fair number of them along the way. What’s even more interesting is how the modern world, with its digitalized social options, has actually made it possible to become aware of such kindred souls even when the encounter is not face-to-face. We may experience a more immediate visceral response when we are standing in front of such a spirit face-to-face, but the connections to such individuals exists totally independent of our physical environment or temporal circumstances by their very nature, and it is our awareness of their existence, in whatever way that awareness is established, that makes the connection visible or tangible.

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