Coming To Grips With Consciousness

"Brightly colored brain scans are a media favorite as they are both attractive to the eye and apparently easy to understand, but in reality they represent some of the most complex scientific information we have. They are not maps of activity, but maps of the outcome of complex statistical comparisons of blood flow that unevenly … Continue reading Coming To Grips With Consciousness

Consciousness in the World: Being a Dad

Ever since I first started to understand what it meant to BE a father, I have wanted to be one. My own father was a particularly good role model in most aspects of parenting, and while he ruled over our ultimate accumulation of eight children in our family with a fairly strict hand by today's … Continue reading Consciousness in the World: Being a Dad

Philosophy of Consciousness

"If we turn our contemplation away from our outer world and to the inner one, as the sages advise, a different reality becomes evident. Like light, consciousness has no place, and no shape. It is invisible, yet illuminates everything. It is unimpeded by time and space...While the physiological basis of consciousness is not yet understood, … Continue reading Philosophy of Consciousness