The Fulfillment of Life

Michelangelo Buonarroti - The Dream of Human Life Writing about "Life," or rendering artistically the everyday scenes of our temporal existence goes on all the time in every culture and it has become commonplace in our time to read about or to see the results of those efforts everywhere we go. Actually "living our lives" … Continue reading The Fulfillment of Life

From Morning Light To The Next Liquid Night

As the morning light bestows its first sweet caress, It stirs my waking dream to life, Loosening the reluctant grasp of Yesterday's liquid night; The stillness of the dark water, In the wee hours before dawn, Slowly yields to the tides within me. They ripple gently in steady, rhythmic response, As my heart reclaims its … Continue reading From Morning Light To The Next Liquid Night

Our Human Powers

"Finally we must make use of all the aids which intellect, imagination, sense-perception, and memory afford in order, firstly, to intuit simple propositions distinctly; secondly, to combine correctly (compare) the matters under investigation with what we already know, so that they too may be known; and thirdly, to find out what things should be compared … Continue reading Our Human Powers