The Light We Leave Behind

“Were a star quenched on high, For ages would its light, Still travelling from the sky, Shine on our mortal sight. So when a great man dies, For years beyond our ken, The light he leaves behind him lies Upon the paths of men.” --Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from his poem, “Ode to Charles Sumner” While … Continue reading The Light We Leave Behind

Our Most Important Task

Since the very first behaviorally modern humans walked the Earth some 50,000 years ago, there has been an enhanced sophistication in their cognitive talents and an expansion of brainpower brought about by a gradually increased utilization of the human brain’s extraordinary architecture.  Fossil evidence of significantly more creative activities, like making tools out of bones, … Continue reading Our Most Important Task

The Greens and Colors of Hope Return

The view out of my office window Spring has been fully underway since mid-April on the Eastern seaboard in America, but it's taken these past few weeks to really blossom into the spectacular array of greens and colors that we've come to expect during this time. The contrast in the character of the currently available … Continue reading The Greens and Colors of Hope Return