California Impressions

  Traveling back in time, as I seem to do when I examine the images of my younger self, has always been interesting from a philosophical viewpoint, but it also can be a little disconcerting when I consider my choices regarding headgear. In the military, there is no choice in the matter, and whatever uniform … Continue reading California Impressions

Reflections on Chaos

"In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true." -- Buddha "All great changes are preceded by chaos." -- Deepok Chopra Recent developments in my personal life, which have affected me deeply, have clearly resulted in a degree … Continue reading Reflections on Chaos

Continental Army

Once I had completed Morse code training, it was time to select my permanent company assignment. Generally, if you you had no preference, you would just be assigned to a random platoon in whatever company had slots available. I was informed shortly after my arrival that there were a variety of different "special assignments" available, … Continue reading Continental Army

Making Sense of Chaos

"The psyche (mind) is not of today; its ancestry goes back many millions of years. Individual consciousness is only the flower and the fruit of a season, sprung from the perennial rhizome (root) beneath the earth; and it would find itself in better accord with the truth if it took the existence of the rhizome … Continue reading Making Sense of Chaos