Hope In Winter Storms


With all of the recent emotional turmoil in my life, I felt compelled to share something I wrote for our family Christmas gathering. We have had the most awful, bitter cold weather of late, and on the news we see people enduring terrible snow storms, and struggling to get through it all.

Not all the storms of Winter are blizzards. Sometimes they are within us. But we can’t lose hope.

A recent conversation with a friend reminded me that life can be joyful even when hope seems distant. The conversation gave me good cause to think so. This poem is for everyone struggling with Winter Storms…wherever they are…


Hope in Winter Storms

Even though winter storms bring the cold and much snow,
There’s something much more hidden in them to know.
To be fearful or saddened just isn’t quite right,
When the winds start to howl on a cold winter’s night.

In winter we often look out and we cringe,
Our plans for the day it will somehow impinge,
And all that we hope to accomplish this day,
Will somehow be halted, but here’s what I say:

Much greater for certain are God’s hidden plans,
In spite of the difference between His and man’s.
The strength of His love can resist every storm,
No matter how mighty, no matter what form.

Within us is all that we need and can use,
Our need for His grace, He will never refuse.
So as we now gather and share in our love,
Let’s remember that heaven is not just above.

It settles in snow banks, and falls as the rain,
It lives in the moments of joy and of pain.
In winter our troubles may seem so much more,
Our skin may feel lacking in warmth in each pore.


And bitter cold feelings may cut to the quick,
In spite of the goodness we see in St. Nick.
The spirit of life can be healing and strong,
It can conquer our sadness; it can fill us with song.

We don’t need to see astrological charts,
All we need do is to open our hearts;
Remember that winter, only lasts until spring,
And once it gets warmer, all nature will sing.

Our lives are brief stops on the pathway of time,
Our words can be simple, or written to rhyme,
But the spirit of life is the purpose and reason,
To look with much hope to the holiday season.

© December 2011 by JJHIII

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