Seasons of the Heart

Uncharted Hearts By JJHIII24 We were once two spirits, Lost and wandering Amid the ancient mists of Mornings long forgotten. Our souls were drawn together By the tides of our unspoken longings. Hands and hearts awakened, We danced to the music of the ages. As we swayed in bliss unbridled, Our two spirits merged amongst … Continue reading Seasons of the Heart

Entering the Inner Fortress

"Awakening to that mystical dimension where the very essence of self is suddenly perceived to be one with the ultimate forces of nature, is at once the secret and the transforming journey of human life." - Joseph Campbell In my last post, I introduced the story of how I began the journey of discovery which … Continue reading Entering the Inner Fortress

Awakening and the Fall

The Fall of Icarus by Peter Paul Rubens, 1636 Musée Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium A form seen in the distance Becomes clearer the closer we get to it. If a mirage were water, Why would it vanish when we draw near? The farther we are from the world, The more real it appears to … Continue reading Awakening and the Fall