Ten Years of Blogging

  The New Year has unfolded in an especially tumultuous way so far, and the tides of wellness and illness in our country seem to be fluctuating wildly as the pandemic rages and the new American presidency gets underway, but underneath it all, in several important ways, there is a continuity of sorts that we … Continue reading Ten Years of Blogging

Liebster Sharing

Many thanks to Trish at creatingreciprocity.wordpress.com for including me as one of her choices to receive the Liebster Award. It’s a wonderful gesture on her part and worthy of reciprocity. So here is a link to her blog: http://creatingreciprocity.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/go-raibh-mile-maith-agat/ There are not enough people in the world spreading such good will and thoughts to lift … Continue reading Liebster Sharing