Allow Yourself to Feel

Image courtesy bike through Creative Commons License.

Just yesterday morning, as I floated between wakefulness and sleep, drifting blissfully in between, I found myself writing in my sleep. It was a particularly vivid dream as I watched myself slowly transcribing my thoughts on the paper, felt a gentle, warm breeze flowing across the air around me, apparently not needing my reading glasses which I normally cannot write without at all, and in a glowing, white shirt which appeared to sparkle with whiteness. The image is actually magical. I know I’m asleep. I know that I’m kind of awake. And I just gently switch back and forth. I tell myself, when I DO wake up, I will write all this down. Well, here is what I wrote in my dream:

“Allow yourself to feel.”

“Acknowledge what you feel.”

“Unlock what you feel.”

“What is inside?”

“Examine the structure.”

“Peel back the layers.”

“How did we get there?”

I slowly allowed my mind to let go of sleep. I did not immediately rise from my bed. The sun was trying very hard to burst through the blinds in my room. Beams of sunlight pierced the stillness, and the beauty of the silence which surrounded me, made me hesitate. I was alone. There was no place I had to be. There were no children at the foot of the bed, peeking at me. There was only silence.

The message for me seemed to be that I should acknowledge, examine, and analyze the feelings which occupy me these days.

The delight I experienced in the dream, and the same warm feelings of affection and connection to the spirit, also inspired the poem I shared in the previous message. The spirit of poetry is apparently alive and well here at WordPress. It’s busting out all over!

Hopefully, there is much more to come……John H.

4 thoughts on “Allow Yourself to Feel

  1. Thanks for stopping in to say hello. It was a peaceful morning for a change. It felt good to not have to jump up and go…just lingering in the sunbeams…

    1. Thanks for your nice comment, Jen. There was a time not so long ago when poetry seemed to just flow through me, and these days, it appears far less often than I would prefer, but it is apparently still there waiting inside me.

      I’m loving your new video updates enormously. Please keep the creativity flowing. Who knows…there might be a poem in there somewhere….John H.

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