Complexity in Nature – Brain Connections

Tamily Weissman, Jeff Lichtman, and Joshua Sanes (2005)

A recent article on the Scientific American website detailed the extraordinary work being undertaken by scientists studying the complex array of connections and neural pathways in the brain. The following link will take you to a brief video explaining the current efforts being made to track these vitally important connections:

There can be no question that this area of research is illuminating the sometimes mysterious inner workings of our miraculous three pound mental organ, and the exquisite beauty of the images produced by the work are awe-inspiring:

Tamily Weissman, Jeff Lichtman and Joshua Sanes (2005)

The complexity of the human brain as described and demonstrated by these technologies is truly fascinating. The intricate workings of the brain’s many components–the synthesis of chemical and genetic functions, the coordination of the many physiological functions and systems, the neural networks that manifest intelligence and make possible the awareness of what we call, “the Self,” as well as perception, differentiation, and experiential consciousness–are indeed miraculous!

From the earliest inklings of consciousness in our ancient ancestors, to the current levels of modern consciousness, the gradual expansion of our awareness and intelligence that permitted the discovery of these technologies, has brought us to a most dynamic epoch in the history of human existence. What one may wish to call the “evolution of consciousness,” or “inner evolution,” as I have pursued it, may eventually result in a far greater awareness than we presently enjoy, as well as other capacities about which we only have inklings today.

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