Consciousness Video Series: Episode 8: Beyond This Moment

The title of the song in the background of the video below is “Beyond This Moment,” by Patrick O’Hearn.  I’ve mentioned his work before and heard it on the radio on the way home one evening, and it stuck with me.  The title started me to thinking about how we might discover what lies “beyond … Continue reading Consciousness Video Series: Episode 8: Beyond This Moment

The Path Beneath the Terrace

Last summer, in August of 2022, I posted episode six of my “Consciousness Video Series: Metaphor and the Inner Experience.” This video described metaphorically my immediate impressions, as I struggled to express, understand, and relate my very personal interpretation of a profound sense of recognition of my inner life, which invariably suggested the elements … Continue reading The Path Beneath the Terrace

Angels of Hope

The Destroying Angel and Daemon of Evil...William Etty 1832 All my life, from the very first memories I seem to have, I believed in angels, and miracles, and saints.  I also was eventually taught to believe in their opposites—devils, tragedies, and heretics.  This was a strange mix for a young boy at the “age of … Continue reading Angels of Hope

Blog Post #400 – Moments of Being

"Driftwood," by Winslow Homer (1836-1910) “I can reach a state where I seem to be watching things happen as if I were there. That is, I suppose, that my memory supplies what I had forgotten, so that it seems as if it were happening independently, though I am really making it happen. In certain favorable … Continue reading Blog Post #400 – Moments of Being