Consciousness Video Series: Episode 6: Metaphor and the Inner Experience

While reviewing my personal journals this month, I was surprised to come across a lengthy account of a particularly intense episode during one of my ventures within, which I had set aside a few months ago.  I generally prefer to review my writing after some time has passed, as I frequently find the routine of putting some distance between doing the writing, and the rereading of it, truly advantageous in gaining some perspective, especially with intense writing episodes.  

My recent video offerings have also benefited from gaps in between projects, and from gradually adjusting the routines I use to create them. I have found the effort of translating my creative energies in this way enormously challenging, but generally satisfying in all the ways you might expect.

What follows is a re-telling of my reflections after a deeply personal encounter with my inner life.  I do not suggest that my experiences are anything more or less than anyone else’s, nor do I suppose that my descriptions are in any way a comprehensive or accurate accounting of the ineffable experience of a transcendent source. It is simply a report of what flowed out of me upon reflection.

As a rule, I generally experience some degree of melancholy once these episodes conclude, but in this instance I seem to have broken through to some degree in my understanding of how it is that I came to be on this path, and I found it uplifting.

Constructing the presentation required me to break the writing into sections, in order to include a bit of explanation and introduction.  The video presentation is about the general character of my experience of stillness when I “venture” within.  These words are clearly metaphorical in nature, as I do not physically venture anywhere, but still do transition from one state of being to another.  The process is not always as smooth as described in this introduction, but when I am successful in achieving this state, it is often subsequently followed by nightly dreams of a familiar sort that have a common thread, while not being precisely or specifically as described here.

This was my first attempt at creating a visual representation of the dream content, and I apologize in advance for the “rough edges,” as I am neither a videographer nor a graphic designer. I enjoyed the process of attempting to communicate these ideas as best as I could, and found the final result at least suggestive of what I actually experienced.

It has taken me quite a while to organize this blog post and I may resume my usual process for a bit in order to put some additional content on my page here. I will be spending the first full week of September away on a camping trip, up north this time, and expect that spending nine days in the northern mountains in the late summer will produce some interesting experiences to share so we can all look forward to that.


Metaphor and the Inner Experience

7 thoughts on “Consciousness Video Series: Episode 6: Metaphor and the Inner Experience

    1. Thank you, Tony, for your visit and for your thoughtful comment. It has been my hope these many years to share my experiences in a way that would inspire others to seek their own understandings and to bring some clarity to a very complex subject. In order to make progress in our understanding of our spiritual nature, it seems to me that we need to have at least some basic grasp of the workings of our human biology and how the brain facilitates our subjective awareness, without being the SOURCE of our awareness. Our appreciation of our inner experiences and spiritual nature can be profound, as well as being profoundly confusing without some basic foundational awareness in our fragile human nature.

      I spent some time reading on your excellent blog today and took particular note of this quote:

      “Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces characterised the archetypal hero’s journey as a spiritual journey. He talked of the final stage where the protagonist brings their great boon – gold or elixir (I take this to mean what has been learned through enlightenment) back to share with the world and is surprised that no one is particularly interested! Some have said that this is because it points to the shattering of the ego, and maybe the vast majority of people cannot countenance that, in themselves.”

      I believe that every one of us is capable of getting past the ego and seeing the world through a more enlightened prism, but the journey requires some degree of personal life experience and educational opportunities that are not being made available as much these days. I have been very fortunate to have encountered a number of deeply spiritual individuals and mentors who helped me to find my way, but I also have a passionate interest in the subject, as a result of my own life experiences. These days, I am endeavoring to share what I have learned in a way that others can relate to their own struggles.

      I think there is interest in the subject, but not always enough to compete with modern life with all its distractions and challenges. For me, it is still a work-in-progress, but one that I engage daily, and genuinely enjoy sharing.

      1. Yes, thank you, John, and for looking at my blog. I agree with all you say, much of which applies to my situation. It is so good to capture the experience of another that resonates with those that I have had. Their experience (in this case your experience) becomes my experience and there are layers of goodness that come out of that, I believe. PS. Did I see a MIDI keyboard on one of your videos? I ask because I have been trying to produce music this way, with music software.

      2. Yes…the keyboard you saw in the video is a Yamaha MIDI keyboard that has HDMI connections which I can connect to my computer. Years ago, I installed software from Voyeretra to practice and learn the piano, but which is now so out of date that it would have to be replaced. I enjoy “tinkering” with the piano, but haven’t been serious enough to learn properly. I love piano music, especially classical and modern jazz compositions, which is evident in the soundtracks on my videos.

        One day I may finally start lessons with a teacher, but fiddling with it is really just for my personal enjoyment.

    1. I’m glad you found the imagery described in my video relatable, and the tunnel imagery is one that occurs often in the analysis of dream content.

      There have been a number of occasions when my experiences in the natural settings included in my videos have given me goosebumps as I surveyed them, realizing how they felt familiar, even when it was the first time I had experienced them.

      This was a particularly challenging presentation to make since it included more personal content, but it seemed important to include it because it speaks directly to the inner experience.

      I actually felt it necessary to split the content into two major sections, and hope to present the second half in a future posting.

      Thank you for your generous comment…John H.

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