Wonder in the Wilderness

A few weeks ago, I ventured out into the wilderness of the northern mountains in my home state for nine days, in a remote area designated as a campground in the Stokes State Forest. I generally prefer to visit state parks when camping, since most often there are public facilities available, and options for enhancing the camping experience like designated trails and guided tours where available.

In this instance, the only available section was literally in a wilderness area with no amenities of any kind. It proved to be challenging in ways I had not anticipated, but fortunately, it ended up working out in all the ways that you would expect when camping, and the video that follows shows some of the highlights of the sojourn into the state forest.

I will be adding a few additional blog posts featuring some of the writing and contemplation that took place in this remote area, and I hope it will be of interest to my readers and visitors in the weeks to come.


2 thoughts on “Wonder in the Wilderness

    1. I do seem to be channeling Jeremiah Johnson somewhat now, although my hair color is a bit different. I’ve actually been an enthusiastic mountain traveler most of my life, and it is only in recent years that I started to look and act more like a mountain man.

      It truly was a bit of a struggle at first, but I spent the earlier days writing and reading, even spending several rainy-day hours in the Sussex County Main Library nearby, working on my laptop, honing a new poem about the experience of light by the campfire, and the trip did become awesome eventually.

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