Consciousness Video Series: Episode 8: Beyond This Moment

The title of the song in the background of the video below is “Beyond This Moment,” by Patrick O’Hearn.  I’ve mentioned his work before and heard it on the radio on the way home one evening, and it stuck with me.  The title started me to thinking about how we might discover what lies “beyond this moment.” 

In his Anthology of Psychological Reflections, Jung wrote:

We can understand at once the fear that the child and the primitive have of the great unknown. We have the same childish fear of our inner side, where we likewise touch upon a great unknown world…One cannot even talk about the unconscious before many educated people without being accused of mysticism…If we do not fashion for ourselves a picture of the world, we do not see ourselves either, who are the faithful reflections of that world.

“Only in our creative acts do we step forth into the light and see ourselves whole and complete…We delude ourselves with the thought that we know much more about matter than about a ‘metaphysical’ mind or spirit, and so we overestimate material causation, and believe that it alone affords us a true explanation of life, but matter is just as inscrutable as mind.”  

In his Collected Works, Carl Jung also wrote:

“The intellect is only one among several psychic functions and therefore does not suffice to give a complete picture of the world.  For this another function—feeling—is needed too. Feeling often arrives at convictions that are different from those of the intellect, and we cannot always prove that the convictions of feeling are necessarily inferior.”

According to the website, the Hindu Vedas express this idea:

“Being is not identical with consciousness, but consciousness is only one part of being. Beyond consciousness is where the bold search lies. Consciousness is bound by the senses. Beyond that, beyond the senses, men must go in order to arrive at truths of the spiritual world.”

“Even in our lives, in the life of every one of us here, there come moments of calmness, perhaps when we see before us the death of one we loved, when some shock comes to us, or when extreme blessedness comes to us…when the mind…feels for the moment its real nature; and a glimpse of the Infinite beyond, where words cannot reach nor the mind go.” 

In preparing this video episode, I spent some time right in the moments available in the newness of Spring around my home and in areas near where I live, and with some additional footage created over the course of last year, I accumulated snippets of video which felt important to record, without necessarily imagining how I might include them in this video episode.

I hope my readers, subscribers, and visitors will be inspired to do as I have done, and allow their hearts and souls to become immersed in the very moment in which they are living, and to attempt to become aware of what might be the foundation of their experience of life.

All good wishes to you all…John H.

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Hamlet, Act 1; Scene 5

2 thoughts on “Consciousness Video Series: Episode 8: Beyond This Moment

  1. We have five senses (some say six) to experience the world. Why limit ourselves to 2 ways of interpreting our experience? Beneficial post. Thank you, John.

    1. It seems to me that there are a fair number of voices out there suggesting that there shouldn’t be more than ONE way of interpreting our experience, in the model of materialism, so what I am suggesting, as Jung pointed out, might result in “being accused of mysticism,” when it would be more correct to say that I AM suggesting more than just “2 ways” of interpreting our experience. My general emphasis here at John’s Consciousness has been broad enough to include a variety of approaches to the conundrum of consciousness, and I believe I have been consistent in my openness to exploration myself, as well as acknowledging the possibility that the answers may still be discovered through viewpoints other than mine.

      I am glad you feel that my post was beneficial to you in some way, and continue to remain open to further exploration…John H.

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