Journey of the Human Spirit


“Once we find the transcendent experience and open up to a greater flow of spiritual energy and security within, something profound begins to occur. We begin to see ourselves and our behavior from a higher perspective, from a viewpoint of our more energized higher self. Our sense of identity moves past the insecure reactions of our ego self and assumes a witness viewpoint, identified now with all of divine creation and able to see our socially defined self with a new objectivity.” — James Redfield from “The Celestine Vision,” 1997

The developments surrounding my experience of what Jung described as”an eruption of unconscious contents,” while poorly understood by me at the time it occurred, set the stage for an extraordinary journey of the spirit. The beginning seemed to be traumatic at the time, and it struck me without warning or my own intention to undertake such a journey, but it felt almost immediately like I was destined to begin it. When the original episode took place, I have no recollection of actually seeing anything in my immediate conscious state, but images figured prominently in the document, which seemed to come in three sections. Most of what I have deciphered came long after the document appeared, and as I will recount in my subsequent assignment to the base in Massachusetts, an extraordinary mystical experience filled in many of the gaps the document contained from being illegible due to the frantic manner in which it was recorded. I eventually incorporated several excerpts in this version that were, to the best of my knowledge, part of the original configuration, but were unreadable when it was created originally.

Dreamscapes #1

It was in a dream one lonely night that first gave me the clue which told me of a life lived in the past–the existence of one unfulfilled life by some cruel twist of fate; some unaccounted for incident that survived the ravages of time–transmitted into the future by an unknown force or energy that permeated my every waking hour. The document was written in a trance-like state, and upon review of the writing afterwards, I realized it was an account of a journey, but not to a place that appeared on any map. The excerpts seemed almost like a commentary by the entity named in the document as Jonas Rice.

The Beginning, The Foundation, The Entrance.

The Beginning

Raging seas, darkness, the gap between appearance and reality, and the finality of the good earth.

Emotion has been the first of the significant elements involved in the purpose. An ocean of emotion reflected in the mirror of existence, observable only in the conscious mind inside, invisible to the world.

Years pass and the masses see only the surface. No exploration for fear of discovery. Torturous hours, lingering for an eternity, serve only to irritate and inflame the water’s rage. Pain is washed ashore and left to keep alive the disturbance, while the tide is out. Travel is the only temporary and eventual escape.

Sensitivity increases the spectrum of its effect. It lures and repels erratically, ever changing. Continuity is destroyed, forgotten and flung beyond recall. Destiny is playing his fiddle, inviting, then demanding compliance with his tunes. The weak fall prey and only the strong survive. The moments tell the story; the thoughts display a reality and truth–unacceptable–yet, escape is impossible. The blind go unaware and the sighted are driven to the edge, clinging to the branches of light that only truth can provide. The search appears endless, yet is known to be finite in a reality which cannot be confirmed.

(Consider all that you have learned here and you will find the Beginning of the Path.)

(It began in the year 1770, with the birth of an ideal, the arrival of the correct moment in time–the beginning of an era. The settlers of the new colonies were more than just pilgrims in a new land; they were pioneers in a new world–newborn babes of a destiny not yet realized in its entirety.)

The Foundation

Blackness, darkness, a void–uncertain. Faith flickers in the distance. Defeat is in the air, polluting while defenses weaken, threatening the footsteps. Motivation building a path, shedding an amber light on the doorway to the surface. Time and endurance, hand in hand, break the chains and grapple furiously, transported momentarily to green pastures and blue skies, with the light of day surging through the bloodstream, providing the sword and armor of power, strength, and humanity.

(You are to go forth from this place and seek the Fortress which holds the hidden purpose for existence. You alone are capable of this deed and at this precise moment of your life, as you would not have been prepared to assume the burden of these tidings were it any sooner.)

(Recall all that you are and you will discover what is contained in the Foundation of the Fortress.)

The Entrance

Oh, the joy, the courage and stability. Pause.

Placid sea.
Love rippling.
Its presence, once recognized
Brings sustenance, completeness.
Fullness and solidity appears
As a finely sculptured entity,
Focused to perfection,
Flawless in its detail,
Unsurpassed by any existing structure.
A FORTRESS among fortresses.
Soon to be seen and understood;
Glorious, yet, not divine.

Set apart, protruding on a level far beyond earthly significance. Relating humanly to encountered sameness and varying differences. Strength to friendly, open souls. Menacing to the fearful, the ignorant, and the superficial. Distant from the souls lacking completeness.

(Despite efforts to avoid the purpose, I am compelled to seek it out. Nothing else matters. An overpowering inner drive pushes me toward the mysterious, unknown end, lured to it like the sirens who once lured the great Ulysses. Even now I sense it coming. Distant footsteps echo in the halls of my inner world. It ceases–then begins–and ceases once more. The event of my life is upon me.)

Beginning, Foundation, Entrance documents–© 1973-1975 by JJHIII24


The spiritual nature of the journey of Jonas has now become the focal point of my investigations. The awakening to transcendent knowledge is a most difficult and deeply personal undertaking requiring a sense of urgency that will prevail in spite of the relentless struggle to survive and maintain our daily lives. The leap from the physical to the metaphysical can be the most difficult leap of all, even realizing the potentially profound consequences of neglecting such a vital aspect of our existence. In order to begin, it was necessary to strive toward achieving a level of awareness I had never even imagined was possible. The pursuit of the achievement of higher levels of consciousness is uncommon in our current culture with its emphasis on materialism and the advanced technologies growing exponentially in the 21st century. Ironically, the advances in technology provide a larger number of people with access to the world of information and global educational opportunities, but promote the tendency to provide only the most popular or immediately beneficial of those possibilities, adversely affecting the dissemination of the more long-term essential aspects of those available–aspects which require more time and effort to become evidently as important.

11 thoughts on “Journey of the Human Spirit

    1. Your kindness in acknowledging my writing is received with great humility and gratitude.

      I admire your efforts to enrich others with your own writing, and have spent some time exploring your teachings with great interest. You clearly have been on an extraordinary journey of your own, and for you to be so kind to me is a gift of great value to me.

      I hope to spend more time reviewing your teachings and explorations in the coming days, and expect to be enriched greatly in the process.

      With warm regards….John H.

  1. I appreciate the abstract depth in your writing. How often have you found yourself drawn back to your writings? What meaning have you derived from this experience, and how useful has it been to you “today”?

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful response, Christy. There is a depth and breadth to these experiences which challenges both the writer and the readers here, and whenever we encounter such important events as these in our lives, if we are sufficiently self-aware, we cannot help but feel compelled to seek a greater understanding of them.

      Since the initial episode in 1973, I have spent a number of years just trying to come to terms with the nature of the experience itself. As the years unfolded immediately after my encounter with the contents it contained, I spent nearly every free moment wrestling with them. I wrote sporadically as I progressed through my time in the military, and for a number of years after I returned to civilian life, but it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that I was able to give regular attention to the writing and by then, I had matured and educated myself to the point where it felt useful to continue. As a father to six children, I was fairly busy raising them and working to support them at the same time, so it was a challenge even then. My attention was always divided, but I have been drawn to this work and have pursued it without ceasing for over twenty years. I am still writing about it today!

      As for the meaning and usefulness of this work today, I doubt I could encapsulate and deliver a cogent response in a brief comment here, but I think it’s safe to say that the unfolding story in these pages are my attempt to express the meaning of it all, and if you read back over the last couple of years on this blog, you will see how the experiences recorded in my postings reveal the usefulness for today.

      I have benefited greatly in my life from investigating the spiritual, philosophical, psychological, and poetic aspects of my journey, and hope that the answers to your questions become clearer as you read through the entries here. My “About” page explains a bit more, and I would encourage you to read further in the postings to gain a better perspective.

      If you have a specific question, you can always ask or write to me personally in email.

      Regards….John H.

  2. In a way, we had to tough it out, or make sense of non-ordinary experiences (as Stanislov Grof calls them) on our own. Now we can regularly connect, as we do here, with others whose experience approximates ours. It is a joy to read your posts for this reason John. All those times in the past when I wondered if I would survive the aloneness and the weirdness of my experiences now make more sense just knowing that none of us were ever alone.


    1. Debra,

      You are so right about how it always felt like I was the only one having “non-ordinary” experiences, and I am glad to know that you get some benefit from reading here. What strikes me so much about these experiences now, aside from the strangeness that seems to characterize them even now, is that I always accepted them as “ordinary for me,” and now I’m starting to feel that perhaps there may be something more to them that I am only now starting to understand as I write more definitively and purposefully about them.

      Your kindness in being supportive, and your encouragement in commenting and giving attention to my thoughts, is a gift for which I am very grateful. I’ve been pondering your most recent posting with the lyrics from Jim Morrison’s “Break On Through,” and haven’t quite figured out what exactly I can add to the already wonderful comments from your readers. Sometimes, the comments on your blog are just as intriguing as the content.

      1. Hi John,

        Thanks so much for your kind words. I think we all recognize the like-mindedness here. It is an amazing experience to have such depth in conversations. So much of my life has been about accepting that very few people want or perhaps need more than the public speak of the everyday world.

        Writing posts is a lot of work, but all worthwhile when readers participate in the conversation in the comments. These conversations in the comment zone really inspire me further to see where the ideas are going.

        Perhaps by accepting your experiences as ordinary you were just allowing them to be. It’s hard to know what to do with some metaphysical experiences. Even some dreams I have had, have profoundly changed me and yet, when I attempt to tell others about that sort of experience, I feel like it is impossible to truly convey the experience to someone else.

        I think here, in WP land, we have a great opportunity to practice the conversations that are so hard to have in the public world where some things are just too hard for some people to understand and accept.

        Or, perhaps there is a lot of fear surrounding metaphysical experiences in a culture that is reluctant to speak of them.

      2. It does sometimes seem as though there aren’t that many people who have much interest in or need for such conversations, but fear surrounding subjects which are out of the ordinary experience for many people is clearly a factor. I’ve had a few comments from readers who asked me if I had been afraid of what was happening, and as startling as some of my experiences were, I really don’t remember being afraid so much as being astonished and confused. It has taken a very long time to feel courageous enough to write these posts, and my fear has always been that no one would understand. The WP land has provided an opportunity to practice these conversations, as you so astutely observed, and I have tried to encourage the readers here to ask questions and to read further about these subjects by providing some of the sources in the postings.

        Your writing feels very much like the product of hard work, and I can verify that aspect of the writing well. But it is amazing at times to engage in such conversations and it is reassuring to know that you are among those so engaged. I appreciate your participation very much.

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