A Spirit Born To Be Yours

spirit born

A Spirit Born To Be Yours

A long time ago,
In centuries past,
You and I existed
On a plane that can
No longer be reached.
It is in the past,
But it is also now,
And it is also tomorrow.

We were lovers.
We breathed the same air.
Our lips pressed together;
Our hearts beat in rhythmic unison.
I gazed deeply into your eyes.
I inhaled the scent
Which arose from your body.
I embraced the spirit inside you.

Though our bodies only touched,
And our hearts beat apart,
There was only one—

Part of me was inside you.
My heart would rise,
My spirit would expand,
Encompass, and merge with yours.

It’s already happened, a hundred times a hundred times
Over the centuries,
And now, I know your spirit;
I see myself inside you.
My whole being swirls around you.

There is no now.
There is no yesterday.
There is no tomorrow.
There is only the memory of you and me as one.

I cannot say the words aloud,
Nor can I act as I might wish—
As I feel compelled to do;
For to do so, is to break the flow of life,
As it unfolds around me, and around you.

We have no patience.
We cannot say what makes all of us one.
But, with luck, you will find me.
And when you do, I will greet you with open arms,
Open heart, and a spirit born to be yours.

© December 2012 by JJHIII

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