When The Path of Destiny Calls

We do not always choose to arrive on the path of destiny. We may avoid it at times it if we are determined to do so, but at some point, no matter how desperate we become or how clever we are, one way or another, the path will find us.

Occasionally, if we are truly on the path, the universe will rise up to meet us, and join us on the path. It may walk awhile with us, or it may visit unexpectedly for a short time and then go away.  It may linger without saying a word, but when we walk our true path, the universe walks with us, even though it is a manifestation of something much greater and grander still.

Some may wish to suggest that the universe is already pretty darn grand just as it is—just as we see it. When we look up at night through our telescopes in the backyard or through a powerful earth-bound telescope or even while reviewing the feed from the Hubble Space Telescope, we will see a universe that is beyond grand—beyond a comprehensive description—defying all of our attempts to describe it. Because it is so vast, it contains vast quantities of the mysterious, and the wondrous, and the beautiful.

What we sometimes refer to as “the soul,” or “the spirit within us,” may actually be a reflection of the mysterious and profound transcendent aspect of the universe.  We are a part of the universe, and the universe is a manifestation of something truly bigger than the grandest view through any telescope.

Along with everything we recognize and understand in that view, considering the universe even as a temporal physical structure, fully understanding the way it works seems, at least currently, to be beyond our grasp.  Of course, even our vague understanding of what we can actually observe, even considering the parameters of our current cosmological knowledge; we do understand that what we DO know is only a fraction of what there IS to know.

A materialist view takes the position that what cannot be demonstrated to exist physically, or as the result of a physical process, is either irrelevant or based on speculation or supposition, and while we must acknowledge the limited ability of the scientific method to confirm the existence of phenomena or principles that are immaterial, this inability is not, in and of itself, a definitive indication that such aspects do not exist.

BECAUSE such aspects are not demonstrable empirically, in my view, increases the likelihood that they DO exist. Let me explain.

Let’s suppose for the moment that immaterial and ineffable aspects of reality are ESSENTIAL to our physical existence, and although they cannot be unambiguously demonstrated to be a part of our substantial physical reality, over the centuries, it became widely accepted that they do actually exist.

Our subjective experience of consciousness would be far less mysterious, and it would be taken for granted that these immaterial concepts and components are simply part of the foundation for the broad spectrum of human experience which includes them. 

Under these conditions, the whole history of human experience, the enormous volume of literature, philosophy, religious ideas and inspirational scientific discoveries, all of it, would be considered a part of the unfolding of our experience of the world, and justify all of our efforts to enhance our survival, in order to gain a greater understanding of our place in the universe.

Now suppose that none of these ineffable elements and ideas have ever existed; since the dawn of modern humans, no other explanations were ever entertained for any reason.  Only physical laws and demonstrable scientific ideas would be considered as being possible to explain the world and the universe.

Suddenly, our actual human history would no longer make any sense at all.  Tens of thousands of years of that history would not contain an overwhelming volume of expressions of those aspects that have been recorded in every epoch, every culture, and every geographic region of the Earth since the dawn of modern humans.  Reports and descriptions of such ideas would never have been made, and through the millennia, there would be only life and death and taxes. No reason to dream or hope for anything other than survival while we live, and no cause to ponder or wonder about anything until we die.

In such a world, our actual human history would be completely incomprehensible.

Unless we humans eventually discover some future method of explaining through the scientific method what is now considered “ineffable,” it only makes sense to approach these ideas with an open mind, and consider what might actually be possible. The main obstacle, as I see it, is the reluctance of many individuals to even entertain the concept of any sort of immaterial principle existing in the first place.

I get it.

Anyone with no experiential encounters with something bigger than themselves, with no sense of an existence beyond the temporal world of the palpable and the graspable could be blamed for being reluctant to embrace such ideas.  Many materialists will cite “Occam’s Razor,” as the most reasonable approach to the most vexing issues in philosophy and science, which posits that the simplest and most basic approach to explain any phenomenon is usually the right one. While it is reasonable for those with no commensurate experience or encounter with anything beyond the five senses, to be skeptical of an existence or a feature of reality that is not accessible to science, simply because there may not be an empirical solution for the mysterious is, in my view, insufficient as a rationale to disregard other possible explanations out of hand.

Every experience and part of the path of my life up to now has been a preparation for and a prelude to what will now follow.  Had my life taken a totally different path; had there been no spiritual awakening or serious temporal disruption to my otherwise ordinary life; had any of the pivotal events in my life turned out differently or had the resulting chaos resolved itself in some other more agreeable fashion, it is likely that none of the words I’ve written over the decades would have been recorded in any of the thousands of pages, represented by the numerous journals and digital files that I currently possess.

My life contains a piece of the answer.  The events of my life have been part of a constant struggle to pursue the answers.  The arrival of the Jonas materials back in the mid-seventies was pivotal to bringing me to a place where the answers would eventually begin to be revealed.  All of the years since then have contained elements and components and pieces of the understanding that I continue to seek to this day.

The path of destiny is something I have eagerly sought to follow, and in equal measure, feared to tread upon.  There have been times, when the path led to events and moments, that were as brilliant as they were desired by me, and at other times, which brought me to my knees in despair at my inability to follow in a way that it seemed I needed to go.  The conflict within me would often swing wildly in opposite directions, and just as some degree of progress was being made, I would find myself paralyzed with either fear or uncertainty as to my course.

I struggled greatly with the pull of opposites. Going in the direction it seemed I needed to go, often presented such a challenge to my temporal life, that I was unable to commit to a particular course of action, and events in my temporal life often led me to pursue actions, which inevitably brought me to an awareness of essential elements, and precipitated startling revelations that were impossible to ignore.

The story of Jonas, as it has been revealed to me through the years, is an attempt to express not only the extraordinary nature of my connection to the ineffable and to the spirit of life, but as a metaphor for the struggle that we all face when the path of destiny calls.  None of us can simply ignore the urgencies of temporal life, even when the draw toward our destiny is as compelling as mine was in the early days of my awareness.

As often as I pressed myself to surge forward into the abyss; as difficult as my temporal life became at times; in spite of the profound and formidable compulsion that descended upon me during those times—I was often thwarted in my attempts to override my personal interests sufficiently to abandon my responsibilities.

Within my own personal subjective experience of my own consciousness, it was often crystal clear to me what it was that I needed to do in order to satisfy the demands of my destiny, and it was rare that my own personal inclinations were at odds with the path as it was revealed to me.  Had I been unrestrained by the circumstances of my personal responsibilities, many times the choices I would have made, would have been of a wholly different character. 

Countless eons passed without awareness being possessed sufficiently in our species in order to develop an adequate mechanism for expressing that awareness. Even when the early hominids had acquired sufficiently complex brain architectures to support awareness, there was no established process for expressing it.  It took many thousands of years of development to acquire that capacity, and tens of thousands more to devise methods of coherently expressing what was taking place within us, utilizing the acquisition of our newfound self-awareness, supported by the evolutionary architecture inside the brains of our fellow human ancestors.

5 thoughts on “When The Path of Destiny Calls

  1. I think it is in the seeking, during the pursuance of answers that answers start finding you. If we do not surrender completely, true guidance will never happen. I hope you will come to India, travel here, or live!!

    Thanks, John. It was a brillant read, as well as the images, chosen for their effect, especially the one where the light shines through you.

    Thank you for sharing
    Narayan x

    1. Narayan,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for your kind words. I agree that the answers will only come if we seek them out, and most endeavors, to which we do not commit fully, will no doubt suffer as a result. It can be challenging to decide whether or not to “surrender completely,” but as you say, giving our efforts our full energy and attention is the most advantageous way to make progress.

      In January of 2014, I began to describe in this blog, the process which brought me to begin asking the important questions, and that is when I first posted the image of the light shining through me. The original post somehow was deleted by WordPress and I had to post it again on May 31st of 2014, called, “Entering the Inner Fortress.”

      If you go back to those postings, you will get a better idea of how it all unfolded. Thanks so much for your comment and for your interest in my writing….John H.

      1. Wonderful! Yes, I would love to read that incident, that change which made this curve possible for you.

        Right, thats where the shining through photograph comes from. I will go and find the post about the inner fortress. I would love to read and understand your forming slowly better.

        Thank you John
        Nara x

  2. Wonderful and love some of the pictures. I spend my life on the fence. Sometimes I side with the materialists, the scientists who deny even our free will. At others I believe I have sensed some deeper and more hopeful meaning in the universe.

    These days though, I seem to be able to find some sort of meaning and comfort on either side of the fence. Perhaps that is what letting go, resignation does for you. I try to enjoy the ride and not to worry too much about where it is taking me or why.

    Have I ever enjoyed or witnessed any deep satori? Had a moment on some road to Damascus or elsewhere?

    Well, yes and no.

    Life is a perplexing and complex journey. Perhaps the most important thing is to witness it with an open mind. At least, that is what I try to do these days!

    1. Your willingness to engage ideas on both sides of the fence is precisely the formula for progressing toward a greater understanding, as well as encouraging others to witness life with an open mind. There is often reluctance by individuals who are so entrenched in their limited view that an open mind is less likely to develop. At this stage of our lives, spending time pressing ourselves to figure it all out is less of a concern generally, and if there are ideas or interests that seem compelling in some way, it’s much easier to worry less about where it will take us and why. It’s an advantage that is rarely available in our youth and peak earning years.

      I do still seek alternate avenues of exploration and am now able to pursue the interests I’ve had all along with more regularity. I continue to participate as I can in the perplexing and complex journey, with much less concern and also try not to worry too much about it.

      Reviewing your many writings on your blog, it seems that you have indeed witnessed and enjoyed numerous encounters with the ineffable to some degree, through music and literature and creative efforts over the years. Each of us takes our own path and we process our encounters with whatever comes our way according to our talents and inclinations as we go. There is no one right way to conduct the journey, but an open mind is an important and perhaps indispensable asset no matter how we move through the world.

      Thank you for your thought provoking comment!….John H.

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