50,000 Blog Visits


It is with some humility, surprise, and measured delight that I acknowledge the accumulation of over 50,000 blog views here on John’s Consciousness. While I generally find it surprising that any greater-than-normal number of visitors stop by to read here in a day or within a particular week or month as the statistics report, this exceptional volume exceeds anything I myself would have predicted, and even though it has taken about three and a half years of serious effort and attention to my writing in order to gather this many views, I must report a degree of astonishment that it happened at all.

john in paris2

There are many other blogs here at WordPress.com with far more followers and views than mine, and I appreciate well, by that measure, how small this number must seem to those writers and readers who float far above this level, but for me, it feels almost surreal to see this number now when I view the statistics page. It is probably much more of a statement about the interest in the subject of my blog as opposed to any other consideration, but it still feels like I might just be finally making sufficient progress in my work to warrant a degree of interest in the world at large. Most of the views, naturally, have come from the United States, but notable volumes of views have also arrived from India, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, the Phillipines, and the UK. Recently, hundreds of visits have begun to appear from Brazil, the Netherlands, Russia, Indonesia. Thailand, and Spain. The interest in the subject is clearly one that is shared by many cultures across the globe. I occasionally receive comments and emails which have to be translated, but have been surprised to see that many international visitors are able to ask their questions and make comments in English.


To say that this endeavor has been rewarding and fulfilling is to understate it in the extreme. I have enjoyed every aspect of the writing and research over the years, and the challenge continues to be creating and contributing content that is beneficial to my goals as a writer, as well as of interest to the readers from all over the world. It is also humbling when I consider the number of responses and the character of the dialog that continues to intrigue me and compel me to continue. It is my hope to further contribute to the discussion world-wide on the subject of human consciousness in the weeks and months to come, and to expand on this humble beginning to encourage a greater understanding and appreciation for the significance of our indisputable connection to each other, and to the universe in which we exist, through a dedicated pursuit of coming to terms with the nature of humanity, of consciousness itself, and the human spirit.


I would like very much to express my gratitude and great respect for all those who contributed to this milestone, and to express my hope that those who visit here will, at the very least, be to some degree enriched and encouraged to pursue their own ideas, and to share them with me in the weeks and months to come. It is not lost on me that a fair number of the visits here have clearly come from a degree of regular attention by a smaller numerical number of visitors, and while it still represents a fair amount of attention from my perspective, I understand that all my writing and research represents only a beginning for myself and others in making forward progress toward gaining a deeper understanding of the nature of consciousness, and I continue to feel fortunate to have the opportunity to not only share my thoughts and ideas on the subject, but to share that opportunity with so many other amazing and interesting people who visit.


In the coming months, I will be outlining the results of my research and writing in the articulation of a theory of mine, based on almost thirty years of dedicated attention to the subject of consciousness, and I hope you will all ride along with me, and encourage others to join in the discussion as time progresses.

With great appreciation and hope in the future……John H.

5 thoughts on “50,000 Blog Visits

    1. Thanks so much, Tina. It has been an amazing journey these past few years, and it really has been satisfying to share the journey with really nice people like you and to expand my own understanding as a result of the ongoing discussion and debate in the comments section.

      I am very grateful for your attention to my writing, and look forward to much more sharing in the days to come…..John H.

  1. I found you on aboutme. When I read this post something struck me – the part about your amazement of your readership and the countries it comes from. I have a blog here at WordPress. I moved it here from blog.com during the summer and lost all statistics, but . . . I have recently been feeling the same way. It amazes me how many countries have come to read. Me, myself, have touched the world and the world touched back. My writings are only 10 months old and since being here I passed 1000 views this week. I put a lot of effort and passion into this work. You can find it at mynameisjamie.net. It’s been nice meeting you

    1. Sonni,

      Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your story with me. I think it’s really great that you are concerned about and work toward helping others who need a voice in this world. We all have a contribution to make in this world, and I think you are doing a great job, contributing in ways that you are able. That you thought to write and share with me gives me reason to think I might just be on the right track in some ways too.

      It must be the most challenging thing a person can do to try and get people to see the true nature of others who have been wrongly accused, especially in our society today where assumptions are made simply because an accusation has been made. I commend you in your efforts to correct these wrongs, and wish you every success.

      The subject of my blog is not one that generally interests your average person that much, but, like you, I am passionate about my writing work and put as much effort as I can into making it relevant and compelling for my readers. Looking at the stats from the visitors from all the different countries tells me that there definitely IS interest in the subject of human consciousness and the related areas I write about, and it helps me to keep going. Receiving generous comments from people like you also helps a lot.

      I’m sure your writing will gain momentum here at WordPress.com and I will look forward to hearing more from you as you progress in your own blog.

      Warm regards….John H.

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