An Angel In Bloom


An Angel in Bloom by JJHIII24

Fragments fallen from impatient daydreams,
Like the motion of two blissful dancers;
Longings once taken from hearts long ago,
Awaken as eternity answers.

Eyes once astonished and endlessly searching,
Now settle like gentle spring rain;
Patience endures in reluctant darkness,
To shield us from each other’s pain.

Intimate spirits commune in rare kinship,
Beneath preferred explanations;
Mysteries yield with permission now given
For compassionate exclamations.

Sensual fullness in measured proportions,
Blossoms in secret anguish;
Heartfelt wishes for closeness unbridled,
Become fleeting shadows to vanquish.

Hints of our passions are found in the silence,
When all of our glances are whispers;
A union of spirits, uttered as friendship,
Expresses affection like sisters.

But you don’t have to be a woman to see,
How a man with a vision could love you;
Of all the spirits that dwell in this world,
None compare from below or above you.

The world could never hold beauty enough,
To conceal what is seen in your eyes;
A dazzling beacon in a wildflower’s field
Understates, but reveals your surprise.

You glow like a rose, an angel in bloom,
The spark in the hearth of your home;
Your strength is hard won, but your heart just might be
As fragile as bubbles in foam.

I dare not to feel, for in time am I lost,
The ages are clashing like thunder;
In nearness to angels we oft lose our way,
For our spirits are captured by wonder.

© February 2014 by JJHIII24

In love, as in life, there are many possibilities, and many different layers of understanding, caring, loving, friendship, and togetherness. Living our lives in a way that keeps us “open” to the many layers of our nature as humans, whether or not we meet up with a “soul-mate,” or “kindred spirit,” or someone from a past life, is essential in order to grow and flourish.

I am not suggesting at all that I somehow understand any of this any better than anyone else does. The mystery that is life, and the sprawling chaos that love can sometimes cause in our lives, prevents most of us from getting a firm handle on understanding.

We must try to attain the most fulfillment in life and in love that we can…life is brief…there is no time to waste. If we are fortunate enough to meet up with someone with whom we can share our lives, even from a distance or for a brief period of time, that experience will bring us closer to an understanding of what our lives and loves are about.

We have to be grateful for whatever time we get with them, and live in that moment as fully as we can, especially knowing that we only travel this road for a limited time.

We all see the world through our own eyes, and bring to it, all of our experiences, emotions, and expectations. How we meet life and how we experience love, regardless of the circumstances, depends a great deal on how open we are to the many possibilities they represent.

Wishing everyone the fullness of life, and of love……John H.

8 thoughts on “An Angel In Bloom

  1. “We have to be grateful for whatever time we get with them, and live in that moment as fully as we can, especially knowing that we only travel this road for a limited time.”

    So true John! The older I get, the more I cherish each moment.

    1. You really chose a good quote to emphasize. The passing of years…if we are paying attention…provides the opportunity for reflection, to a degree that generally doesn’t take place when we are younger. This is the natural way of life. When we are young, we have so many different considerations to handle, and in the 21st century, it seems pausing to reflect or consider ANYTHING is out of the question for the most part. Plus… as a young man myself… I spent so much of my time contemplating life, that I sometimes missed what was going on IN my life. The Buddhist ‘Middle Path,” seems like the better approach most of the time.

      We can’t expect our young people to cherish the moments of their lives in the way you mean, if we don’t provide them with the MEANS and the OPPORTUNITY to LEARN how important it is to do so. There have been numerous exceptions to this rule, most notably in the ancient literature and recorded writings throughout the whole history of early human civilizations, expounding on the beliefs that formed them, and in the stories that they tell of those times. We need to find NEW ways to inspire young people to cherish life as you do.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment…..John H.

      1. Hi John,
        Yes, more than ever young people face obstacles, mostly through distractions of technology, but also through an over emphasis on success that has become a stifling routine of school, college job, house, etc. It seems we’re teaching kids that only our material existence matters.


      2. I’m not sure we are failing completely on teaching our children that there’s more to the world than the material existence… but being successful is also important if you are going to get anything done in the world. I think we may be tipping the balance a bit too far in that direction, and have some work to do for promoting the spiritual aspects or intangibles of life. There’s lots of spiritual people in the world, and I’ve even run into a few young people who have had some interesting input in responding to my postings here at I think its a worthwhile endeavor to engage these young folks and to promote doing more to consider a different path. Human nature can be amazingly adaptive depending on the circumstances, and we are clearly in an epoch where adapting is needed.

        Keep at it… the world needs you!……John H.

      3. Thank you John. I do agree about young people. There are some amazing, insightful youngin’s out there, and WP is a great place for us all to share in conversations that truly help us all broaden our perspective and articulate very difficult ideas.

        Yes, the world needs you too! (I love that saying) 🙂

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