Our Secret Wish For Life

Well established artist, Kathy Ostman-Magnusen lives in Hawaii where she expresses her life passion through painting and sculpture. http://www.kathysart.com/

Our Secret Wish For Life

There is a beauty rising in my dreams.
Her face is pure joy; her heart is still mending.
She gives all she is without restraint.
The child within me runs to her
As I cry out my tears,
And hope to feel the softness
In her heart as it beats
Against my ear in our embrace.

My heart aches in time with hers;
The pain is shared as I tremble
To the rhythmic beat,
And deeply inhale the scent
Which accompanies the soothing sigh
Of her loving arms around me.
I dare not speak or move;
I do not want this moment to end.

In my dreams, the world is hidden
Beyond our desires, beyond our limits–
There is an infinite bounty of love
And perpetual longing to satisfy;
We cannot know what every dream contains.
Only fly through the possible absurdities
Until the moment we awaken and realize–
The dream is our secret wish for life.

© May 2012 by JJHIII

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