The Life Within Me

“Inner Light” by Ron Davis (December 6th, 2002) Image credit:

In the twilight world
Between darkness and light,
I feel more at home
Than ever.

As darkness falls,
My mind awakens;
As darkness increases,
My heart swells
With the memory
Of your touch.

How I loved the moment of closeness
As we embraced!
The revelation of your inner world,
In the fleeting moments
When our eyes met were
More powerful than
The quantum events
That rule the universe.

My capacity for emotion and
Deep feeling extend far beyond
My worldly place,
And beckon me still
In reveries of silence,
In the open spaces
Between thoughts.

You shine a light in my darkness.
You are the life within me.

16 thoughts on “The Life Within Me

  1. Patrice,

    You are a soul who fills the “open spaces between thoughts.” I only wish I could convince others to share in this. God Bless You!…… John H.

      1. There is no question that the path that leads us to being convinced of something can be one of illumination or convolution, and can be the result of expanding our horizons or narrow self-interest, and everything in between. We can run blindly down a dead end, or we can sustain a steady pace that allows for a balanced approach, where we can adjust as we go. It just depends on the soul who travels along the path.

        The mystery is usually in the form of inexplicable conclusions based on thoughts and ideas that we cannot understand or fully appreciate. I am sensitive to these issues and try to embody a balanced approach in my prose, and save the mystery for my poetry.

        Your thoughts are always welcome in this place…….John H.

    1. Your acknowledgement is an affirmation of the inner light and love that I spoke of in the poem. The connection is mysterious, but quite real.
      Thank you for sharing so generously…..John H.

  2. I started writing in 1971, prompted by a racial incident, and God calmed my nerves and has been in all i say since. I read your poem and was moved deeply, as i have had that experience before! And the beauty and sincerty in your words profess what is alive in your heart. Very awesome poem my brother. Have a very blessed weekend!

    1. When extraordinary events happen in our lives, we often say that our response was because, “…the spirit moved me.” It is my feeling that it is not a movement BY the spirit, but rather..OF the spirit…the spirit within us, and as Ralph Waldo Emerson suggested:

      “…the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or parcel of God.”

      We are most often moved by that which lives in our hearts. It is a recognition of a profound connection to everything that lives, instilled in us by the creator of all things.

      Thank you for your kind words…….John H.

    1. You are also very nice to say so. I loved this line from your post, “The Charmer of Words:”

      “The one beauty of poetry is rather than painting a full picture with words and telling a tale it lets the Reader imagine. There is always room to add and subtract for the reins no longer remain in the hands of the Poet.”

      What a profound insight into the art of poetry! Many thanks….John H.

  3. Cindy,

    I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my poem! It always surprises me when someone has such a positive response to something I write. It is my hope always, of course, but we often cannot see our own work in the way others do. It expresses something very personal in my view, when the reader of a poem, feels such a response to the poet’s intent–a commonality with others.

    Thank you for visiting…….John H.

  4. as I read this again…
    I liked it even more…
    I love the twilight part of my thoughts…
    clarity where the light isn’t blinding me and its not to dark to see…
    Beautifully staed John…
    Take Care…

    1. MaryRose,
      Your thought to share your response is a gift. The twilight hours are always my favorite time to contemplate my life. The sun descending in the sky gives me such inspiration, and as the sun rises slowly, the awakening of all life gives me hope.

      Looking into the eyes of someone we love, is like that feeling in the twilight. The places we inhabit in our lives define the moments of habitation, but the moments in between those defined moments, is where we truly live.

      Thank you so much for giving my words another look…….John H.

  5. your words have a wonderful energy flowing through them..
    I like that feel….
    calming in a chaotic world..
    you are very welcome..
    i will probably read again…and again…

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