Between Knowing and Hoping

Between Knowing and Hoping

It’s impossible to reach you; but at times it seems so real.
There’s just no way to share with you the certainty I feel.
I try so hard, with all my wits, but all I ever do,
Ends up a missing puzzle piece, confusing through and through.

There is a path that leads to you; I see it in my soul,
Sliding down a slope so soft; a green and gentle knoll.
Where wildflowers sparkle endlessly, your loving beacon shines.
Every glance holds springtime colors; within you are my rhymes.

Somewhere a loving world awaits, and there we’ll finally meet,
Standing on some foreign shore with fragrances so sweet.
Where we can hold each other close and never need to part,
O how I wish this loving world could happen in your heart.

You bring such joy into my life, all love could be this way,
An ancient tale of love exists within me every day.
In days gone by, in eons past, our hearts were torn asunder.
Two souls adrift, yet clinging too, we crashed and roared like thunder.

Through memories we make today, our souls have joined together.
Our closeness blossoms deep within, our love each storm can weather.
I can only touch you with my heart, the world outside is silent.
My heart and mind and soul do ache; the earth’s a turning tyrant.

Before I fall asleep this night, you’ll visit me for hours.
I’ll hold you in my arms again amid those sweet wildflowers.
I know not when or even how this distant world and vision,
Will find its way to future life; perhaps, a world collision.

No matter how, no matter when, I’ll be there waiting, coping.
Until that day arrives for me, I’ll spend each hour hoping.

© April 2012 by JJHIII

3 thoughts on “Between Knowing and Hoping

  1. Beautiful poem.:) I have it on my list of things to explore whether other people have explained a difference between “faith” and “knowing.” I feel as if I have gone from “faith” to “knowing” in an area of my life and wonder if others make that distinciton. Like the difference between “hoping” and “knowing” here very much.

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