Getting Back Up On The Horse

Covid Update and Recovery Report

Recently sidelined by a thoroughly unpleasant case of Covid, I have been struggling to return to my writing routines in any sort of productive way for the past several weeks. As of this writing, I clearly have recovered reasonably well enough to allow myself to walk again among the living, and while I was given clearance by the health care experts to return to my daily routines outside the home, it has been a much slower recovery with regards to my typically active and enthusiastic mental states.

I would like to express (1) my appreciation to my extended family, friends, and fellow bloggers for the notes of encouragement and support during my illness, and (2) my admiration for those health care professionals who contribute every single day to the front lines of those of us so afflicted. While we often only hear about the shortcomings or the lackluster response to these challenges, I found the information, advice, and counsel of those tasked with responding to my own circumstance to have been especially helpful and worthy of notice.

Just before I became ill, I had been working on an idea for a blog post with the tentative title, “Metaphysical or Mystical,” which I supposed might highlight the differences between the two, and elaborate a bit on my own views as to which sort of experiences might qualify as one or the other.  In the meantime, as a result of some lively conversations with a friend on this subject, I decided to expand the list to include both the Mythological and the Mysterious!

There are a healthy number of resources available on each of these topics for the general reader who might be interested in one or the other, but apparently far less material about how they all interact, intermingle, and/or contradict each other.  Since my own experiences and writings have encountered and in some way concerned each of these categories, I thought it might be interesting to address them all in an upcoming blog post.

Thanks again to all those well-wishers and support people for their efforts on my behalf, and I look forward to resumption of my own efforts to provide interesting and informative content to all my visitors and subscribers.

Kind Regards…John H.

5 thoughts on “Getting Back Up On The Horse

    1. Dave,

      I didn’t think to include the details of my experience of illness, since they would not be remarkably different from those millions of others who came down with it, and I supposed my noting that it was fairly unpleasant would suffice for most folks, but the best description I could think of was that it is something like being underwater with a really bad cold. I was actually unable to convince myself to get up out of bed except for the most urgent of necessities, and struggled greatly trying to sleep or eat with any regularity, and only very slowly felt able to do anything typical of my ordinary routines. For several weeks I experienced what they called “brain fog,” which, as you might expect, for someone in my position was perhaps the most daunting effect.

      I would recommend to anyone who has not experienced it yet, to be sure to keep up-to-date with their shots, since this seems to be the only way to ensure that the symptoms won’t require hospitalization.

      John H.

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