A Wistful Winter Morning

Morning Snow2

As I press my hand to the brass knob
Level with my blurred line of sight,
Releasing the bolt which holds the door firmly closed,
Streaks of brilliant light flood the foyer
Through the beveled prisms
Of my uncertainty.

A mechanical clack announces the release
Of the lock as I step tentatively backward,
To allow for the swinging, sweeping sound
As my heart opens to newly born morning light,
Mingled with the winter’s frosty breath,
Provoking both wonder and curious resistance.

Shimmering icy sparkles rise up in all directions;
Stillness soothes the stinging bite of winter breezes;
Solar pulses of colored hues caress the tips of snowy knolls
While rhythmic heartbeats warm my inner frame,
Sustaining the memories of moments within me–
Cherished thoughts and awkward apprehensions.

Stumbling back to the kitchen counter,
Searching for the implements of the morning grind,
A glance again toward the world without
Diverts my heart and mind just long enough
To contemplate what once was warm and green,
Now obscured by a wistful winter morning.

© January 2011 by JJHIII

8 thoughts on “A Wistful Winter Morning

    1. Thank you, Tina! It was truly a moment of inspiration and contemplation. Your own postings recently have had an inspirational effect on your readers too.

      We must allow the moments of beauty and gratitude to shine through the times of our lives, even when the winter winds bite into our cheeks, or our bodies challenge our endurance to bear suffering. Otherwise, we might miss them completely.

      Your own words inspire me often, although recently, I have been unable to express any response that I thought could possibly add to the powerful and heartfelt words you yourself expressed.

      With warmest regards……John H.

      1. (((John))))

        You are most kind, indeed. I am grateful my words can offer inspiration. You are right, we must search and find those moments of beauty and joy that are so well hidden in this broken world. Be well, my friend.

    1. Indrajit,

      You honor me with your gracious comment, and I am grateful for your kindness in expressing it.

      I have come to appreciate the beauty of winter much more now than I was able to do as a younger person, in spite of the fact that my ability to endure the cold has diminished with age. My appreciation is noticeably easier to achieve when it is viewed from the warm kitchen, but can also be accomplished for short periods of time being out in it.

      As we observe when we experience so many of the various aspects of our temporal lives, whatever extremes present themselves, especially those which challenge us to endure them, are most often mitigated when we allow ourselves to take in the beauty and wonder they contain.

      Thank you so much for your kindness in responding.

      Regards….John H.

  1. Living where I do I find it difficult to imagine the reality of that picture but your words bring it to life; I could feel that “stinging bite of winter breezes” and the winter’s frosty breath. Lovely.

    1. Bev,

      Your response speaks to the very heart of the subject of this blog!

      Our objective experience of the temporal world can be inspirational at times, and, as you so astutely observed, also in complete contrast to the objective experience of others.

      There are few higher compliments that a reader can express to a writer than to characterize what was written as having “brought to life,” an experience of reality for someone who has not experienced such an event.

      It also infers a sometimes subtle and sometimes profound awareness of a connection that exists among all forms of life–one that transcends the vagaries of individual experience–and points toward a commonality of subjective experience which all cognitive creatures share in principle.

      Thank you so much for your visit!

      Regards….John H.

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