Little Girl Saved, Little Girl Lost-Triumph of the Human Spirit

When the stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair last week, people panicked and ran initially, but once the immediate danger had passed, a hundred or so rushed toward the scene to help. Amazing pictures of people trying to lift the fallen structure, and stories of heroic efforts to assist those who were injured gave us all some solace in the face of terrible losses and injuries. Today on the internet, the face of one of those injured, a little girl named Maggie, showed us all the power of the human spirit to rise, particularly in the face of tragedy.

A handful of different people rushed to assist Maggie, who was pinned underneath the metal framing which fell, and managed to stop the bleeding and free her in an enormously difficult circumstance, and I could not help but feel a connection to the extraordinary story of selfless action on behalf of a little girl who needed saving.

Equally astonishing, was the story of another little girl named Rachel, about the same age, who had decided on her 9th birthday to forgo presents in favor of collecting donations for children in distant lands who needed clean drinking water. Before her goal could be realized, Rachel was lost in a terrible car accident, but the gift she was attempting to bestow on others, captured the imagination and attention of hundreds of other human spirits, and became an instant focal point for the generosity and beauty of Rachel’s spirit.

Over one million dollars has been raised so far, and anyone interested can visit the site to find out more:

When much of the world struggles with the daunting challenges of war, domestic strife, and economic upheaval, news about such triumphs of the human spirit lift us up and reassure us that in spite of all that is truly wrong with the world, there is reason to hope for a better outcome for humanity than what often seems like a gradual decline into oblivion. Evidence of the power of the human spirit to overcome even the most daunting challenges may not come often, but when it does come, it makes those who wish to reduce human nature to the random fluctuation of physical systems in our biology look a bit less in touch with what really matters.

Thank Heaven….for Little Girls!

3 thoughts on “Little Girl Saved, Little Girl Lost-Triumph of the Human Spirit

  1. Hi, John!
    I came to your blog and read some of your posts about the human spirit. It hasn’t changed my belief that our deepest, innermost selves never change, but perhaps it will with time. Either way, your posts are fascinating…I find myself always interested in psychology, science, philosophy, religion, and how it all interrelates.

    I also wanted to thank you for your messages and comments. They’re always so kind, and it feels great to know that someone actually likes what I’m posting. It really means a lot, and I can’t thank you enough, really.

    Have a great day šŸ™‚

    1. I have no doubt that your writing will get more attention as you hone your skills, and express your “deepest, innermost self.” That innermost place where you reside is a beautiful place, and I wouldn’t want to change anything about your amazing “self,” but as you move through your life, you may find that YOU will want to enhance or alter that “deepest self,” in ways that are impossible to see right now.

      We must first imagine that a thing is possible before it ever will be. In your writings, I can see endless possibilities for you, but YOU must find your way through this field of possibilities. I hope to share in your amazing journey for a long time to come…..John H.

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