Anonymous Love Letter

Throughout our lives, if we are fortunate, we encounter a number of opportunities to share a loving connection to another human being. For some of us, the essential experience we seek is the commingling of souls–the sharing of genuine love and affection. For others, it is more visceral and temporal in nature, with appropriate sensuality complementing emotional connections. But every once in a while, we experience the “perfect storm,” of love and affection and sensuality. It is just this sort of connection that points to the existence of empathy as the quintessential human trait, which combines the visceral and temporal with the mysterious and ineffable aspects of our humanity.

As a man with the uncommon good fortune to have known only a few such experiences, I composed this anonymous love letter, in a moment of repose as I reflected on the grace and beauty of the love I have known and which is, even now, alive in my heart as I write. It is directed toward the heart of life, and to the mystery and wonder of genuine love which surrounds us all, but has its roots in the experience of love and empathy toward the beloved I have known as a man living in the temporal world. Empathy is the catalyst for genuine love, and these words may sound familiar to you all, one way or another. I offer them as a gift to all those who ponder the mystery and wonder of true love.

To My Beloved,

Thoughts of you cascade through my inner world like a cool, soothing, summer sprinkle of rain at the end of a long humid day. As the tender drops reach my heart, I close my eyes and allow the moist thoughts to descend and dissipate through my whole being, becoming a loving embrace from my beloved.

The expression of love, far from being a simple matter, even under the most advantageous of circumstances, tasks us even more in consideration of the incongruity of our temporal lives. The strength and power of passionate feelings inspired by intense emotional involvement magnify the struggle a hundred-fold. Even as we tend to each other in the most caring and gentle way, sharing our thoughts and feelings, and especially when we open ourselves to each other, we collide with temporal reality in ways that make us long for some sort of alternate universe in which only you and I exist.

That alternate reality, while admittedly elusive and apparently distant from our general perception of our daily lives, does exist in a very real way, and connecting to it as we did, even though most times only briefly, demonstrates the power and strength in the human equation–YOU + ME = US. This equation applies to all of humanity and to every spirit born into this world. The infinite number of ways it can manifest in the physical universe is evidenced in the history of human cultures in every corner of the earth. Somewhere in the maelstrom of human history, philosophy, and spiritual longings, since the first humans walked upright as conscious beings, exists the union of you and me.

I do not pretend to know how to reconcile the incongruity of our temporal lives, with the passionate inner drive we once felt towards one another. There are no words that can explain the inexplicable, and we should not belabor the point beyond recognition of it. As I tried to express to you so many times, as I tended to our mutual desires, there was no way to avoid longing for you to open to me in your gentle, caring way. The way you so lovingly and generously gave to me of yourself, especially while we were apart, was immensely effective in bringing the love from within you directly to my heart.

Our excitement and close personal sharing brought everything good about us right into the present moment with extraordinary clarity, and provided us with a visceral experience of our mutual presence in each others lives. Just how life will all unfold is unknown to us now, but I hope with all my heart that the opening of our hearts to each other has been of some benefit to us both, and that the wisdom and abundant goodness our connection contained will sustain us as we move beyond today, and endure for the remainder of our lifetimes.

All my love to you always…..

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