Life is Never Nil

Life is Never Nil

I heard the autumn winds this morning;
I know what is to come.
I cannot halt the tides of life;
I calculate the sum.

There is no hiding place to find;
There is no turning back.
There is no changing lane this time;
There is no fade to black.

My heart is aching overtime;
My mind’s real limits found.
My spirit limps along this path;
My eyes my tears surround.

What will become of sorrow now?
What more can heartache do?
What can I find to ease this ache?
What will I say to you?

Life has only just begun;
Life is growing still.
Life won’t end before its time.
Life is never nil.

© September 2012 by JJHIII

About jjhiii24
Way back in 1973, as a young man embarking on the journey of a lifetime, I experienced what Carl Jung described as “the eruption of unconscious contents,” which compelled me to seek the path I continue to pursue to this day. The path of discovery has led me through an astonishingly diverse range of explorations in philosophy, science, and religion, as well as the many compelling ideas in the literature and scriptures of the cultures of the world. There is, in my view, a compelling thread made up of components of each, that runs through the fabric of life. The nature and study of human consciousness has been a compelling subject for me for more than twenty years. I have spent a great deal of my time and energies trying to come to terms with my own very particular “inner experience” of life, and to somehow understand how the events and flow of my temporal life have directly been influenced by the workings within. Sharing what I have come to understand about my own “Inner Evolution,” has tasked my intellect and communications skills in a big way. I am only just beginning to feel confident enough in the results of my study and contemplation to express the many various aspects of what I have uncovered within myself. I am hopeful that my own subjective and personal experience of my own “human spirit” will resonate with others, and encourage them to explore their own.

2 Responses to Life is Never Nil

  1. Anne Donnelly says:

    A life lived to the full, that’s never lost.

    • jjhiii24 says:

      Agreed! Life is definitely more about quality than quantity, While we live, we can share our lives with others, but even when we must relinquish our lives, if we have lived well, what is most significant about our lives usually has nothing to do with physiology of the body or the psychology of the brain. What defines us today came to us, in part, as a result of what our ancestors could manage to instill in their next generation.

      What truly matters in life is who we are NOW, because that’s what will move our children and grandchildren to either embrace or discard. Either way, the echoes reverberate through time.

      Thanks for your visit…….John

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