Finding My Way


These past few weeks have brought me   face-to-face with some of the most challenging moments of my life. Facing life squarely is always a challenge one way or another, but confronting the consequences of my brother’s illness took me to levels of challenge I never imagined.  Forced to consider and respond to circumstances beyond anything previously encountered, I found myself floating up to my chin in the uncharted waters of new experience. 


There have been moments so strange and awful that I doubted my capacity to endure them, and others of such profound beauty and deep emotion that it seemed I might be equally undone as they unfolded.  As I attempt to adjust now to the aftermath of the extremities in both directions, I find myself disoriented to the point where all my words seem to fall far short of the mark.


I know I must attempt to sort out the particulars eventually, and I feel strongly that there are probably a few gems among what feels like a great weight of stones in all of this, but at present, all I can ask for is your patience while I look through them. 

…more to come….

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