Christmas at the Lake House


Christmas at the Lake House


Tumbling memories spill out along the uncertain path before me;
The surrounding forest whispers its morning message,
As I trudge my way through dew-ladened grass;
Cooler air nips at my fingertips and toes
As the fog envelopes me in a vague embrace.


The early morning exhales a silent breath,
Disturbing my tangled thoughts as the wind stirs my silver locks,
Draped like burdens on my weary shoulders,
Though they somehow feel lighter in view of the relentless placid ripples on the water’s edge.


Inhaling deeply and looking skyward,
I am reminded of the mountain air in decades past;
Memories of youthful duty in alpine states resurface
Like the diving ducks retrieving their hidden treasures,
Swirling below the gentle water at dawn.



For a moment, I am no longer alone;
A small gathering of deer arrive in front of me.
Unconcerned at my presence, though clearly curious, they turn to face me;
I giggle with surprise as they cross my path;
Content in that moment just to observe each other,
We share in the delight without comment.


A subtle mist descends upon my weary shoulders now;
It’s time to walk home and dream again,
Of mountain fog and joy unencumbered.

Copyright December 2015 by JJHIII24


6 thoughts on “Christmas at the Lake House

    1. Thank you so much, Ann. It is a beautiful place, which makes doing photography while you are in it so much more likely to produce a pleasant result.

      I appreciate your comment a lot!…..John H.

  1. John, this is so beautiful. Your words complement your photographs perfectly. I feel as if I am experiencing the sights, sounds, and odors of a moisture laden forest. Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing such a great experience. I pray God’s blessings be poured upon you in abundance throughout the coming year. I hope the smiles overcome any tears and that you discover those rare moments of awe that create the most treasured memories.
    Happy New Year!


    1. Tina, thank you for your thoughtful and generous comment. Every once in a while, we experience moments so clearly inspiring and important that we can’t help but spend some time dedicated to expressing our feelings. You know this experience well, as is evidenced in the many heartfelt offerings on your own blog, and your expression of appreciation for my efforts is a great compliment.

      Many times, it seems to me, when we stop to look closely at our experiences, and give careful attention to both the sensory and the spiritual aspects of what happens during our time with them, we discover something much deeper at the heart of each one, which is the result of allowing our senses and our spirit to speak to us simultaneously. I’m glad you think I succeeded.

      I also wish for you, every possible blessing in your life in the year ahead. With gratitude….John H.

      1. I am honored John. I love those moments where everything is in sync even if for only a moment. I call these moments, slices of Paradise. I cannot believe how many people in this world never experience them because they never notice them. I am grateful that we can. Blessings to you John.

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