Hello October!


                                             When we finally arrive in October,

                                             Our feelings are usually mixed;

                                             We love all your glorious colors;

                                             Our eyes, on your leaves, are transfixed.



                                              We know that in spite of such splendor,

                                              The winter will soon come again;

                                              It creeps up and sneaks up upon us,

                                              We can’t know with certainty when.



                                              But nothing is taken for granted,

                                               We cherish the October skies;

                                               We enjoy the true bounty of autumn,

                                               We hope, with the years, to grow wise.


(c) Southampton City Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation


                                                 For love doesn’t fade through the seasons,

                                                 And joy we can find all year long;

                                                 Our children continue to need us;

                                                 Our friendships throughout can stay strong.



                                                  We greet you with joy unencumbered,,

                                                  It’s truly the way we should live;

                                                  We brace for the scenes of bare branches,

                                                  And treasure each blessing you give.



                                                  November will shortly be knocking,

                                                  We’ll soon have to open that door;

                                                  But for now we rejoice in our fortune;

                                                  We welcome the chance to do more.



                                                Be still now and hear your own heart beat,

                                                Don’t fret over leaves that must fall;

                                                October can bolster contentment;

                                                Embrace it right now with your all.





5 thoughts on “Hello October!

    1. Thank you so much, Annie…It was a delight to spend the time writing about such a beautiful season. Every once in a while something interesting arrives on the page for me, and if it delights those who visit here, so much the better!

    1. Thanks so much for your visit and for your generous comment. It’s been a challenging year in so many ways, and writing about the events in a more personal way has been harder these past few months, but it seems to be resonating with others and I am glad to know that you think it has been a benefit to share in the content I post.

      I spent some time on your travel blog and it is amazing to see the opportunities that you have experienced. Your presentation is excellent and you make the destinations you write about very inviting!

      One day, I think I would like to visit those places myself. Hopefully, the world will settle down enough to allow people to travel more freely in the not-too-distant future.

      1. It has certainly been a very challenging year! We can only hope things will improve sometime soon!
        Thank you so much for the positive feedback about our blog! It really means a lot 🙂 I hope that you get to travel around more sometime soon (I hope we all can!)

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