Echoes of the Moment

Before I was able to relinquish my tenuous grasp on consciousness
after working through the night,
The irresistible call of the spring morning sun
pulled my heart and mind to delay fitful sleep
for a moment of blissful, temperate contemplation
of the season’s gifts; waves of sunlight,
gentle breaths of wind, tranquil murmur of memories–

Echoes of the moment.

The sun’s radiant beauty streaked across the void
to reach for my face like the hand of a dear friend,
whose warm and comfortable touch soothed my
most troublesome aches with loving thoughts.
This day, the whispering breeze persuaded my hair
to allow my face to experience its whispered touch,
to sense the eddies in the flow of air, and to tickle my neck.

Echoes of the moment

Birds click and coo pleasingly in the distance as I close my eyes;
Inside me, staring contentedly at the blazing red surface of
closed eyelids, I enjoy the passing refrain of a distant train,
competing with a buzzing lawn mower down the street,
And the echoes of the moment in my consciousness.
The cat wants to have my attention, but I’m not ready,
So he finally lays at my feet like he’s always been there.

Echoes of the moment.

© April 2011 by JJHIII

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