Consciousness Video Series: Episode One: Dreamscapes


I finally was able to upload Episode One directly to this page. The WordPress servers took some additional time to process it for some reason. So, now that it has been uploaded, the video link to the cloud was no longer needed. Check out the video below:

For over a decade now, I have researched, studied, contemplated, and written about the subjective experience of human consciousness, and after many more years of accumulating actual human experiences, I find myself at a kind of crossroad, unlike any other in my life.

The subject of consciousness has occupied nearly every available moment and resource I could muster for so long now, that I have finally reached a point where I felt compelled to share in a more direct way.  A few months ago, I began creating a series of videos, aimed at trying to bring it all together, and found that although I still had a great deal to learn, there was still a wealth of material within the pages here that I hoped would be worthwhile as content for a creative project.

I’ve already made several video presentations over the past few years and shared them here, and the experience gave me cause to suppose that I might be able to make a more serious effort to present my ideas to the WordPress community and the many visitors who visit each day.

During these early efforts, I made a special effort to include some inspirational music, and when I record my personal audio files, I usually select some sort of musical selection to help stir the creative juices.

The connection between the vibrations of musical compositions and what we experience as we listen to them has always held some fascination for me, specifically because certain pieces of music invariably inspire me spiritually and stimulate my imagination to conjure some visual accompaniment that reflects this inspired vision.

Within me are many of the elements of a creative output, and I have utilized them to create these presentations.  I have struggled over the years to develop and compose an expression of my inner life, particularly as it might be manifested as a performance piece or as an epic creative output in some form, which would communicate a broad viewpoint that might be accessible to a wider audience than the one I have been able to generate so far. 

When we examine the most successful offerings available for public consumption these days, they are not necessarily those with the most compelling content always, but frequently consist of presentations which resonate with a larger portion of those consumers.  

On my blog site, John’s Consciousness, there has been an extraordinary variety of visitors from countries all over the world, as well as a fair amount of participation and expressed interest over the last decade in the principles and subjects being discussed in my blogposts.  There has been a real movement within the larger community of philosophers, scientists, and spiritual leaders to raise the awareness of the world-at-large to the WHOLENESS of our nature as living entities, which includes essential components that very likely will not yield to empirical scrutiny any time soon.

Knowing this has not dissuaded me from pursuing a better understanding and appreciation of that WHOLENESS and has led me, in some cases, to champion greater inclusiveness for voices expressing viewpoints other than those sanctioned by mainstream materialist thinkers.

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