Taking Another Look

Welcome to the all new John’s Consciousness! I’ve been looking to change the theme here for some time now, and to begin presenting some additional video content to see if adding it might spark some interest in conversations about the many different subjects that I’ve been writing about for more than eleven years now.

There have been many different topics discussed here over the years that are near and dear to me, since I began a dedicated study back in the early 1990’s. If you haven’t already done so, you may wish to visit my about page to read about how I came to undertake the mission I’ve been on all these years.

The new theme seems to have retrieved all of my widgets and information on the sidebar from both of my prior main themes, all the way down to the flags of each nation and the totals of visits from them at the bottom right-hand side, so there is a lot of activity on the right as you scroll through the home page listings.

Hopefully, once the dust settles and I get to chat with the landlords here at WordPress.com I will be able to truly begin to create some interesting commentary and video content for all my readers to enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Taking Another Look

  1. Hi John,

    Long time since I’ve been around too, but I’ve made time to write. I do find we are walking similar paths of thought. I was thinking today, wondering if my ideas are spiritual or mystical. I went for the latter as this mystical connection with our world is phenomenal and doesn’t seem to rely on a spirit practice.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I visited your blog today and see that you have recently started posting again after a long absence, and this is the way it happens sometimes. Writing is a solitary activity and need not be shared in order to be important and worthwhile. The important thing is that you do the writing and if, at some point, you feel like you want to share it, so much the better.

      The idea that you can separate the mystical and the spiritual is a little misleading. It’s not really a matter of being one or the other. The mystical has an emphasis on and an interaction with experience and being, and in that sense may describe your efforts more directly, but Mysticism itself is technically a spiritual belief and an interest in connecting spiritually with your own soul and with the divine. Religion and spirituality both can be pursued without necessarily having a requirement for maintaining a practice, although it frequently does involve a practice of some kind.

      Since the whole phenomenal universe seems to contain an underlying spiritual component at the foundation of all things, when we talk of matters of the spirit and of mystical experiences, we are alluding to a sense of wholeness that comes from connecting to the spiritual aspects of being, while still existing as a physical being in the temporal world. They are inextricably linked as aspects of the same wholeness.

      In reading your posts, it seems to me that you may benefit yourself and your readers by expressing more specifically how the mystical aspects of your own experiences and your efforts to come to terms with your personal circumstances, points to this interrelatedness, rather than just one or the other of the two.

      Kind regards…John H.

      1. Hi John, thank you for your reply and food for thought. Yes you put it succinctly, it is the same thing. I think a mystical search pieces ideas together and a spiritual inquiry seems to involve more practice. It isn’t that I don’t practice meditation or living healthy but I don’t believe it is only practice that makes us perfect.
        Yes it is probably something I should explicitly explore with my readers…infrequent as they are right now. You are also spot on about writing it is a solitary exercise that all makes sense when it is shared. Nice connecting again my friend. I look forward to more posts. I thought your pages looked very clean, none of the busy bits you thought might clutter the righthand side.
        Best Regards,

  2. Good for you John! Making a video is a lot of effort and I look forward to more of them from you. A voice and picture can add a great deal to the message – however well one writes, it is even better to have the writer presenting his thoughts visually and verbally.

    While I do not believe there is much that can be done in any very immediate sense to better the state of the world dramatically in the short term, I do nonetheless feel that little by little by spreading good words and thoughts one can try to adapt and mould human behaviour little by little for the better.

    That is about as much as I feel I can do in any event. So we must continue to write and think and spread the word that we can all live in a better way if we try hard enough.

    Certainly I make a far greater effort to watch my own words, deeds and thoughts very carefully these days. Perhaps self improvement can spread slowly and help to create a better world.

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