Consciousness Video Series: Episode 3: Experience of the World

The subjective experience of existing as a sentient human being is a huge subject and there are a great many sources to investigate the different angles of approach in all of the related areas of the conversation about it. Here at “John’s Consciousness” I have been engaged in an eleven-year conversation with my visitors and subscribers, and finally decided to try and engage the readers here more directly and personally. I am not a professional filmmaker and have limited abilities in the technical realm of modern videography, but I have enjoyed the process so far and have attempted again to get the conversation started.

There are a number of ways in which the subject might be engaged, and while I have tried for quite some time here to express something useful about the subject, the combination of ideas with a visually interesting presentation has been a new twist for me and it has been fun to play with the complexity a bit in this new approach. Hopefully, you will enjoy the results!

Within this video are clips recorded last June in anticipation of the creation of videos in this series, so the lush green landscape in the backyard is not yet actually available here this year, but it looks marvelous to me. I’m still learning how to use the video editor well enough to make the presentation look a little better so please understand that I’m striving to improve as I go, but I need to keep trying out new things and may not get everything exactly right.

The music in this episode is also a bit of a departure from the usual. Patrick O’Hearn’s “So Flows The Current,” is an album of “highly personal electronic sound,” according to the brief bio on Pandora where I encountered his music, and he began his own production of his music with that album. There are several selections on it that I enjoy very much, and I found the selection for this video, “Like So Much Lost Time,” perfect for setting the stage for the content.

I will be featuring another selection off that album in a future episode entitled, “Beyond This Moment,” which puts the listener squarely in the ineffable realm.


4 thoughts on “Consciousness Video Series: Episode 3: Experience of the World

  1. “Patrick O’Hearn’s “So Flows The Current” . Deeply unsettling music, in a good way. It really makes the mind drift in unusual and unaccustomed directions. Enjoyed the video John! Keep up the good work
    Best wishes

    1. I enjoyed putting this video together and stretched the boundaries a bit with the inclusion of O’Hearn’s musical offering. When a particular sound recording evokes a visceral response within us, it indicates the presence of a significant connection between our temporal sensory experience and our subjective inner sense of a “self” having the experience. O’Hearn’s music is provocative in the way you suggest, and the drifting of the mind which results is not accidental. Not everyone will have the same response to an artist’s creative work, but I find the music in this case quite compelling and suggestive of an altered state of awareness and chose it precisely for that reason.

      1. Wonderful John, you put it very well. I love to see your house and your daily wanderings. It brings what you say to life. I had it all in mind today when my wife and I wandered through the closest we can find to Narnia. An ancient estate surrounded by park and forest. The drifting of the mind – what a wonderful feeling, what a way to live. I must drift more and think and worry less. An altered state of awareness – yes indeed. In such states I become convinced of “other” and feel sure it is just out there. At the end of my nose, my finger tips.

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